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  • Thomas Scholz: Writing Code for Multisite

    Thomas Scholz: Writing Code for Multisite

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Thomas Scholz

    January 25, 2016 — Writing multisite compatible themes and plugins will help you becoming a better developer and reducing the amount of support. In this session I will talk about the restrictions and possibilities, what to watch out for and what we can learn from the core code.

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  • Sara Cope: WordPress in the White House – Development of the Open Innovation Toolkit

    Sara Cope: WordPress in the White House – Development of the Open Innovation Toolkit

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Sara Cope

    December 11, 2015 — The Open Innovation Toolkit, part of the Obama Administration’s Second Open Government National Action Plan, harnesses public ingenuity to help address scientific and societal challenges. The first half of the toolkit, focusing on citizen science and crowdsourcing, was developed in collaboration with over 20 government agencies and built on the WordPress Multisite platform. This session will be a case study review of the project, challenges, and lessons learned. We’ll cover how the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy leveraged WordPress as a CMS and federal volunteers to create a low-cost resource to facilitate open innovation within the U.S.

  • Curtiss Grymala: WordPress In Higher Education

    Curtiss Grymala: WordPress In Higher Education

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Curtiss Grymala

    December 11, 2015 — According to some statistics, WordPress is used on nearly 25% of the entire World Wide Web; and is the content management system (CMS) of choice for nearly 2/3 of websites using a CMS. While the numbers within higher education may or may not match those, WordPress is heavily used within that vertical.

    Many institutions are using WordPress to present their whole public-facing websites; some are using it to build large commons for their students and communities; some are using WP as a tool to help students build digital portfolios; and some are even building living textbooks with WordPress.

    Within this talk, we’ll take a look some examples of WordPress as it’s used in higher ed, we’ll discuss some of the contributions that higher ed has made to WordPress over the years, we’ll explore some of the challenges faced in higher education, and we’ll look toward the future of WordPress usage in higher ed.

  • Aaron Edwards: Scaling Dynamic WordPress Websites

    Aaron Edwards: Scaling Dynamic WordPress Websites

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Aaron Edwards

    December 11, 2015 — Page caching doesn’t work for everyone! Sites that handle a large number logged-in users like Membership sites, Multisite networks, BuddyPress sites, or bbPress forums need special treatment to scale effectively. I’ll share my experience in building and managing large Multisite networks to give tips and tricks to speeding up your dynamic websites and coding for scale.

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  • Jeremy Felt: Behind The Curtain Of WordPress Multisite

    Jeremy Felt: Behind The Curtain Of WordPress Multisite

    WordCamp Vancouver 2015Speaker: Jeremy Felt

    October 2, 2015 — Multisite is often treated as one of the dark corners of WordPress and can be forgotten or managed poorly when developing public plugins or working on client projects.

    Let’s pull back the curtain and shed some light.

    We’ll cover the history of multisite from its early days as another b2 fork. We’ll walk through the structure and the load process to show how things really are straight forward. We’ll cover situations to be aware of and code to use when you are developing something for multisite.

    And! We’ll cover the future of multisite and allow for some good Q&A, so bring your questions!

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  • Kyle Bondo: Monsters of WordPress

    Kyle Bondo: Monsters of WordPress

    WordCamp Asheville 2015Speaker: Kyle Bondo

    September 30, 2015 — The WordPress Multisite — what I call Monster Sites — is an often misunderstood creature.There is plenty of documented reasons why you should never use it, and beyond the knowledge of how to install and administer a Monster Site, there is little understanding of what it should and should not be used for. Often, it is only when a developer ventures into using a Monster Site installation do they find out just why “monster” is an appropriate label. Without proper planning or preparation for its use, a multisite installation can be a disaster waiting to happen. But what if you could prevent a multisite from becoming a monster by knowing why certain configurations work better than others? This is why I would like to approach WordPress Multisite from a strategic point-of-view by illustrating potential strategies, industries those strategies could serve, and some lessons learned in experimenting with some of these strategies. Additionally, I would like to describe these approaches without the interference of heavy, technical details in anticipation of a broad audience. My hope is that I can help start a new conversation regarding a more strategic use of WordPress Multisite and tame Monster Sites once and for all!

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  • Thomas Scholz: Writing Code for Multisite

    Thomas Scholz: Writing Code for Multisite

    WordCamp Prague 2015Speaker: Thomas Scholz

    September 27, 2015 — Přednáška Thomase Scholze na téma Writing code for Multisite.

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  • Mario Peshev: Building SaaS With WordPress

    Mario Peshev: Building SaaS With WordPress

    WordCamp Belgrade 2015Speaker: Mario Peshev

    September 26, 2015 — “Building SaaS With WordPress” will cover the process of building a WordPress Software as a Service product. We will discuss the power of WordPress Multisite, existing solutions for leveraging the membership capabilities of a network, handling payments and creating a viable business on top of WordPress. The session will target developers and business owners interested in building a SaaS on top of WordPress.

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  • Дуглас Лоренс: Создание многоязычных сайтов на WordPress Multisite

    Дуглас Лоренс: Создание многоязычных сайтов на WordPress Multisite

    WordCamp Russia 2015Speaker: Doug Lawrence

    August 21, 2015 — В этом докладе Дуглас рассказал о важности многоязычных сайтов, раскрыл некоторые интересные моменты связанные с локалью и SEO, и о том, как с помощью WordPress Multisite можно создать и управлять сетью многоязычных сайтов.

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  • Taylor McCaslin: Best Friend or Worst Enemy - Multisite Do's and Don'ts

    Taylor McCaslin: Best Friend or Worst Enemy – Multisite Do’s and Don’ts

    WordCamp Boston 2015Speaker: Taylor McCaslin

    August 7, 2015 — We’ve all built a ton of WordPress sites. We’ve also managed them all too. You’ve probably heard about WordPress Multisite Networks, and all the awesome things it can (and can’t) allow you to do. With great power, comes great responsibility. During this talk, Taylor will step through the do’s and don’ts of Multisite Networks. He will share how WordPress Multisite can be your best friend or worst enemy… but usually both… at the same time. Expect pro-tips, eureka moments, and hard lessons learned from his experience setting up and running multisite networks for small private company intranets, all the way to global enterprise brands. By the end of this talk you will know the pros and cons of WordPress Multisite Networks, best practices for setting up and running a multisite, and know about alternatives if multisite isn’t a fit for your next project.

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