Speakers: Vineet Talwar

  • Vineet Talwar: Supercharge Your WordPress Search and Queries Using Elasticsearch (EN)

    WordCamp Milano 2019Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    January 14, 2020 — The workshop shall revolve around Elasticsearch, its importance in your WordPress website, why and when Elasticsearch should be preferred instead of WordPress default search. There will be discussion about setting up your own Elasticsearch instance and how to integrate it in your WordPress website. Further, workshop shall throw some light on getting “query” relevant content faster by unleashing the power of Elasticsearch.
    Integration of Elasticsearch in various cases with WordPress APIs like WP_Query shall be discussed.

  • Vineet Talwar: Speed Rocket your WordPress website

    WordCamp Stuttgart 2019Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    November 10, 2019 — One of the major reasons behind online driven frustration is because of a slow website. One would not want to visit such a website the second time. Right?
    What if this is the case with your website? Won’t those low numbers on analytics dull your day? Are you not concerned about how and when did you website fail? If a website doesn’t load quickly, the user would probably leave it immediately. And, a dissatisfied user is worse than not having users at all!

    This talk mainly deals with how one can speed up their WordPress website and make it faster for users, thus improving their conversions. This talk begins with educating about website hosting, latency and DNS. Then, shall be discussing about how you can optimize the performance of your WordPress website, having solutions for all sort of users, from beginner to advanced users, and for different hosting scenario. Further, discussion will be about different performance optimization strategies like cutting down your queries, tweaking the code base, caching mechanism, use of cloud services, scaling up and so on. All this together shall help a newbie or even someone who has their website slow and frustrating for users, faster and better optimized. Thus, saving their day.

  • Vineet Talwar: Progressive Web Apps: The future of Mobile Apps

    WordCamp Bucharest 2018Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    August 2, 2019 — Vineet found his love for WordPress after he was introduced to it by a friend. This led him to develop numerous websites and making him want to crave for more to learn in WordPress. He has been associated with WordPress since 2012. He co-founded his first company at the age of 20. He is the Co-Founder and Technical Lead of FireMud FM, which is an online radio station based purely out of WordPress. and Indicium Crest – A remote web – development agency which is, again focused on WordPress. Now handing both the companies on technical front, his love for WordPress has just grown if nothing else. He has worked with over 55 projects remotely managing and developing them. He has also been associated with various ventures consulting and guiding them with technical resources and is currently located in Frankfurt, Germany.
    Apart from developing the websites, he is a hobbyist photographer.

    The topic of Vineet’s presentation is “Progressive Web Apps: The future of Mobile Apps“

  • Vineet Talwar: WordPress Backups. Disaster management and recovery

    WordCamp Poznań 2018Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    August 9, 2018 — We will talk talk about the different aspects of backups. What to backup? Where to backup? How to backup? Goes without saying that the audience would want to know the tools that can be used. We will hear about the tools and techniques to do both automatic and manual backups.

    Finally we will move a little deeper into the technicalities – leveling up and elaborating upon backups using WP-CLI and a talking about a brief discussion on Git for code management and making automated cron jobs that takes backups with the help of WP-CLI and stores them securely on Amazon S3.

  • Vineet Talwar: WordPress Migration All You Need To Know

    WordCamp Delhi 2017Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    June 4, 2018 — The talk shall begin with,
    – Educating about basic default database structure of WordPress and DNS records in brief.
    – Problems that are faced while migrating WordPress to another server and how does one resolve them effectively.
    – Migrating staging site or local environment to Production site
    – How one can change the domain of their WordPress installation after migration
    – What are the different ways/tools available for migrating WordPress?
    – What is WP-CLI and why you should prefer it while migrating WordPress and how one can effectively utilize WP-CLI to migrate your WordPress site?

  • Vineet Talwar: Maintaining Multisite networks to run your business effectively

    WordCamp Gran Canaria 2018Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    May 5, 2018 — Further, I shall talk about the things to be considered to maintain a network installation running 100s of Multisite sites and scale them effectively and what tools and plugins are available that eases the workflow. Finally to add on, I shall go one level higher and touch the topic about network of networks and how to setup a network of networks and maintain it effectively.

    All in all the idea behind talk is to educate about maintaining a network and network of networks effectively on WordPress.

  • Vineet Talwar, and Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov: Supercharge your WordPress website with Apache Solr

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speakers: Vineet Talwar, Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov

    September 7, 2016 — This session will be about integrating Apache Solr with WordPress, why and when Apache Solr should be preferred instead of WordPress default search and what is the easiest way to implement it. The session will further throw some light on comparison of default WordPress Search and Apache Solr wordpress search. In the end, there would be a live demo on how to integrate Apache Solr into WordPress with hosted-solr.com .