‘page builders’ Videos

  • Gina Deaton: Page Builder Showdown

    WordCamp Boston 2016Speaker: Gina Deaton

    August 14, 2016 — So many page builders, so little time! In this session, I’ll be evaluating 5 popular page builders and discussing you the pros and cons of each. Complete with on-screen demonstrations, stories of experience, and lots of my personal opinions.

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  • Anthony D Paul: Rapid Prototyping With WordPress Page Builders

    WordCamp Asheville 2016Speaker: Anthony D Paul

    July 18, 2016 — There are many popular page builders out there—CornerStone, Beaver Builder, Site Origin’s “Page Builder,” Velocity Page, Themify, Divi, and more. Some are free. Others have multiple price tiers. This session won’t get into the ins and outs of which are best for production code, but I’ll demo a couple I’ve found helpful for quick turnaround projects.

    In this talk, I’ll take a couple of my favorite page builders and show you why I like them, why I feel they’re good for your clients, and how to use them as a foundation for your own UI prototyping library.

    Take aways:
    The benefits of using theme builders outside of the typical development process.
    How to get started and what to focus on.
    How to build a reusable toolkit to save time on future projects.

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  • Aaron Reimann: Page Builders Showdown

    WordCamp Atlanta 2016Speaker: Aaron Reimann

    April 8, 2016 — As a developer I’ve never been a big fan of page builders. If you want something done, do it yourself was my mindset. Now that I can’t build as quickly as a client wants I have been forced to use page builders. I’ll be comparing some of the good, bad and ugly ones.

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  • Jerrett Farmer: WordPress for Lazy People

    WordCamp Las Vegas 2015Speaker: Jerrett Farmer

    February 19, 2016 — What are some of the ways to quickly get a WordPress site up and running with a minimal amount of effort? An over view of page builders and themes as well as the latest cutting edge software to help even the unmotivated get a high quality WordPress Site up and running. Also a tongue and cheek humorous presentation that reveals the pitfalls of shortcuts and the final assessment of what it takes to get a WP based site live.

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  • Fabrice Ducarme : Les Constructeurs de Page pour WordPress

    WordCamp Paris 2015Speaker: Fabrice Ducarme

    February 27, 2015 — La tendance est de plus en plus marquée pour 2015, les utilisateurs veulent du simple, du rapide et du facile, tout en obtenant de très bons résultats sur le rendu visuel de leur WordPress.

    Les constructeurs de page sont en plein essor, avec les meilleurs on peut très rapidement créer des pages aux mises en formes complexes (colonnes, onglets tabulaires, filtres, etc), et ce, sans aucune connaissance particulière!

    Oui mais… que valent-ils ? Quels sont les meilleurs constructeurs du moment ? Quels sont les avantages pour vous et votre client ? Quid de la qualité du code généré ? Et enfin, est-ce un frein à votre référencement ?

    Autant de questions auxquelles nous allons essayer de répondre lors de cette conférence.