Aaron Reimann: Page Builders Showdown

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  1. areimann

    I actually have a few corrections on some of the things I said during my talk. BeaverBuilder has a free version, also it is $99 a year, not unlimited. That has been fixed on the notes.

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  2. pingram

    Thanks for the update on BB Aaron.

    I was of the same mindset, stay away from these builders because they often break, conflict with other theme/plugin functions and/or can easily be broken by clients at the helm. I often feet like these page builders are actually targeting end-users in a snake oil kind of fashion and to some extent that may be true. (Wix, etc.)

    However, I came to the same conclusion that we still need a “builder” to enhance our workflow. To build fast mock ups that could further be refined into the final product but it must not create a dependency to itself or any libraries it brings with it.

    None of these builders do this. My belief is that the builder should be portable, yet disposable. It should be modular and have connectivity to libraries of choice. Maybe even it should provide access to a marketplace for both free and premium content. I have some great ideas on how to go about this too. I’ve been getting more involved in the customizer community camp to bring this closer to something the core team can appreciate a growing need for while not infringing on what WordPress has always aimed to be.

    There are great things happening with the REST API, customizer and better front-editing tools are indeed coming soon. I just don’t think I can really use any of these builders confidently nor professionally until they can be used without dependency or even worse, leaving their garbage behind.


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April 8, 2016

As a developer I’ve never been a big fan of page builders. If you want something done, do it yourself was my mindset. Now that I can’t build as quickly as a client wants I have been forced to use page builders. I’ll be comparing some of the good, bad and ugly ones.

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