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  • Jonathan Brinley: A PHP Developer’s Adventures in React - Building Plugin Admin Interfaces

    Jonathan Brinley: A PHP Developer’s Adventures in React – Building Plugin Admin Interfaces

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Jonathan Brinley

    August 5, 2017 — Just about any moderately complex WordPress plugin requires some sort of administrative interface. In many cases, your code for this UI could benefit from the flexibility and power provided by the React JavaScript library, but integrating React with the WordPress admin brings its own set of challenges. From developer tools, to data persistence, to extensibility, we’ll explore some of these challenges and the solutions we’ve developed at Modern Tribe as we’ve used React to build elegant administrative user experiences in WordPress.

    Making React applications play nicely with the WordPress admin involves a number of tricks and workarounds. I’ll cover topics such as integration with the TinyMCE editor, communication with WP’s existing JS libraries, setting up developer tools such as hot module reloading, and persisting data in the WP database.

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  • Alain Schlesser: Wrapping A Modern PHP Architecture Around A Legacy WordPress Site

    Alain Schlesser: Wrapping A Modern PHP Architecture Around A Legacy WordPress Site

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Alain Schlesser

    June 6, 2017 — Alain is a freelance software engineer and WordPress consultant.

    In his talk he presents a case study of wrapping a legacy WordPress site into a scalable architecture, using a combination of existing and custom packages, that provides the following benefits:
    – services architecture that lets plugins define their dependencies, with automatically resolved loading order
    – auto-wiring dependency injection that allows coding against interfaces instead of implementations
    – configuration management that can account for differences in environments
    – centralized logging throughout the entire site that can be sent to logging servers
    – bus system that handles events and commands without blocking the frontend
    – all of this without any noticeable impact on content editors

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  • Willy Bahuaud: Migration de données... destination WordPress !

    Willy Bahuaud: Migration de données… destination WordPress !

    WordCamp Bordeaux 2017Speaker: Willy Bahuaud

    May 21, 2017 — Je vous propose donc de découvrir comment fonctionne un script de migration afin de pouvoir basculer de n’importe quel CMS vers WordPress !

    Dans cette présentation, vous découvrirez ma technique personnelle, des fonctions PHP de WordPress très utiles qui vous serviront également dans d’autres contextes, ainsi que des petites astuces pour éviter certains écueils liés à la migration.

    Les méthodes mises en avant dans cette conférence seront illustrées par des exemples pratiques.

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  • Roy Sivan: Learn JS Deeply, but Don’t Forget About PHP

    Roy Sivan: Learn JS Deeply, but Don’t Forget About PHP

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Roy Sivan

    May 4, 2017 — PHP is the language that WordPress is built on, and it isn’t going anywhere. “Learn JavaScript deeply” is a great sentiment, and I feel like every aspiring developer should take JavaScript seriously if they want to go down that route. However, if you are building JavaScript (framework or not) applications powered by the WordPress REST API, don’t forget about PHP. I’ll run through a few examples of full on JavaScript application builds, where there is equal if not more PHP custom code than JavaScript. So before you learn JS deeply, do you have a moment to talk about PHP?

  • Michele Roncaglione: Scrivere plugin con OOP

    Michele Roncaglione: Scrivere plugin con OOP

    WordPress Meetup TorinoSpeaker: Michele Roncaglione

    March 25, 2017 — Talk fatto al WordPress Meetup Marzo 2017 Episodio 20: «Spring is Coming».

  • John Blackbourn: Contributor Night #1 – Team Core

    John Blackbourn: Contributor Night #1 – Team Core

    WordPress Meetup TorinoSpeaker: John Blackbourn

    January 21, 2017 — Le Contributor Nights saranno dedicate a studiare e lavorare insieme: ogni mese selezioneremo uno dei team attivi su make.wordpress.org. Per alcuni team potremo contare sul supporto di lead, italiani e stranieri, mentre per altri ci auto gestiremo con lo studio, leggendo la documentazione, andando a vedere quali sono le discussioni attive su trac e su Slack.

    Per questa prima serata siamo felici di avere con noi John Blackbourn, WordPress engineer presso Human Made e uno dei WordPress Core developer, che ci aiuterà a scoprire il team Core.

  • Bruce Chamoff: Making Plugin Development Easy

    Bruce Chamoff: Making Plugin Development Easy

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Bruce Chamoff

    January 16, 2017 — Learn the basics and some advanced tricks of WordPress plugin development as we code a new plugin from scratch live in the session. We will also dissect the Hello Dolly plugin and insert our own favorite song lyrics. This session will demonstrate how to create a complete plugin from scratch and make it work with any WordPress site. Topics covered include hooks, content manipulation, some of WordPress’ most powerful APIs that are utilized by plugins. By the time the session has completed, attendees will have the skills to develop plugins from scratch using simple PHP and the WordPress API.

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  • Carl Alexander: Use PHP Arrays Like a Boss

    Carl Alexander: Use PHP Arrays Like a Boss

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016Speaker: Carl Alexander

    September 25, 2016 — You’ve heard of the good ol’ school PHP loops. You have your “for” loops, your “foreach” loops, your “while” loops, your “fruit” loops… Well maybe not that last one!

    As a WordPress developer, you use arrays and loops all the time. They’re an essential part of your developer toolbox. But do you know everything about them?

    PHP has a wealth of array functions. They’re used by PHP experts to make their life easier. They let you reduce the amount of PHP code you need. This helps prevent bugs and makes your code more maintainable.

    You’ll learn about functions like array_filter, array_map and array_reduce. All within the context of regular WordPress work. By the end of this talk, loops won’t look at you the same way ever again.

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  • Tanaka Hisateru: WordPressに活かす! 最近のPHPエンジニアトレンド2016

    Tanaka Hisateru: WordPressに活かす! 最近のPHPエンジニアトレンド2016

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Tanaka Hisateru

    July 29, 2016 — WordPressの開発にはPHPが使われています。そのため、WordPressを使いこなそうとするとどうしてもPHPを知る必要が出てきます。本セッションでは、ここ数年のPHPエンジニアのトレンドを、国内で開催されたPHPカンファレンスから見ていきつつ、それらの技術がWordPressでどのように活かせるのかにブレークダウンして紹介していきたいと思います。エンジニア向けの勉強会は難しそう、と、ふだん距離を置いていた人も、この機会にPHP技術のおいしいとこ、まとめて持ち帰りませんか。

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  • Derick Rethans: Debugging – Past, Present and Future

    Derick Rethans: Debugging – Past, Present and Future

    WordCamp London 2016Speaker: Derick Rethans

    July 28, 2016 — In this talk I will go over all the past, present and future debugging techniques. The talk start by giving an overview on PHP’s (ancient) standard features for debugging, additional (userland) libraries and functionality in frameworks.

    After the introductions we move on to the meatier stuff and I will talk about live-action debuggers, such as Xdebug and PHP Storm.

    For the future, I will be talking about a project that allows you to “step back” while debugging as well; introspect what your script’s or application’s exact execution paths was; and trace variable modifications.

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