‘Podcast Interviews’ Videos

  • Michelle Frechette: Cups, Community, and CoffeeTalk: Lessons Learned Over 100+ Episodes of WPCoffeeTalk

    WordCamp Rochester, WordCamp Rochester 2020Speaker: Michelle Frechette

    October 21, 2020 — Over 100 guests of the WPCoffeeTalk podcast have been asked the same set of questions in order to learn about them, their work, and their community involvement. This talk shares data, anecdotes, clips, and conversations that not only characterize the guests but also suggest who we are as a community.

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  • Mark Deal: Content Explosion through Podcast Interviews

    WordCamp Atlanta 2018Speaker: Mark Deal

    January 17, 2019 — “Podcasting – it’s not just for podcasters anymore!

    Many podcasts are interview based.

    The host is just a curator of knowledge and craves experts. Enter you (or your client) that not only wants a great foundation on the web, but access to the ears, hearts, and minds of ideal consumers.

    In this talk, Mark Deal of the Podcast Atlanta group will outline how to be the go to expert in your field. He will cover.

    1) How to reach out and get booked on podcasts.
    2) The simplest way to deliver high quality audio.
    3) Essential elements to craft compelling stories about what you do.
    4) WordPress elements to showcase interviews from various shows on your website.

    While demonstrating audio engagement incentives that you should use – Mark frequently gives out equipment during his talk.“