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  • Nirav Mehta: You can be on this stage too – public speaking and storytelling at WordCamps and beyond

    Livestream 2020-Feb-22Speaker: Nirav Mehta

    June 1, 2020 — Effective public speaking is actually a mandatory life skill! So let’s deal with your toughest questions head on in this session. You won’t become a naturally charismatic on-stage master at the end of these 30 minutes. But you will certainly break through your biggest fears and be ready to get on stage!

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  • Barbara Damiano: Parlare in pubblico

    WordPress Meetup Torino 2019Speaker: Barbara Damiano

    March 5, 2019 — Per parlare in pubblico efficacemente, bisogna guardarsi da fuori: agire come un personaggio di Pirandello nel suo meta-teatro. Possiamo farlo controllando la nostra postura, la gestualità, la modulazione della voce e facili tecniche da mettere in pratica subito.

    Da utilizzare in tutte le situazioni e non solo per parlare a grandi folle.

  • Patricia Brun Torre: Combattre la peur de la prise de parole en public

    WordCamp Lausanne 2018Speaker: Patricia Brun Torre

    October 9, 2018 — Trucs et astuces de Patricia BT, une personne à la base ‘hypersensible’ et avec beaucoup de trac par rapport à la prise de parole en public, pour transmettre la confiance en soi et l’envie de donner une présentation sur cette scène ou ailleurs aux personnes dans le même cas.
    Quel travail elle a fait sur elle-même pour passer de la crainte, la voix tremblante et souffle coupé à se sentir à l’aise et se réjouir de présenter à nouveau.
    Respiration, méditation, humour, entraînement, soutien de la communauté, Toastmasters, elle vous donne ce qu’elle applique à elle-même, et liste les obstacles possibles et les idées pour les dépasser.

  • Ángel G. Zinsel: Miedo y PÁNICO a hablar en público

    WordCamp Madrid 2018Speaker: Ángel G. Zinsel

    May 16, 2018 — La comunidad WordPress es cada día más grande y está llena de oportunidades para compartir nuestro conocimiento con ella. Pero, ¿qué pasa si tengo miedo escénico?

    Os cuento cómo aprendí a gestionar los niveles de miedo y pánico (tremendo miedo) al hablar en público. Distintas teorías y aproximaciones, para resolverlo sólo o acompañado (Ya os lo adelanto, mejor acompañado). Mi experiencia, desde temblarme las piernas hasta presentar una ponencia en una WordCamp.

    Cómo preparar tus ponencias y cómo ensayarlas.
    Trucos y recursos para distintos escenarios y tipos de charlas, WordCamps, Meetups, podcasts y webinars (cómo invitado o presentador).
    ¡Os espero!

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  • Daniele Scasciafratte: Come fare un talk

    WordCamp Torino 2017Speaker: Daniele Scasciafratte

    April 9, 2017 — I Meetup WordPress e i WordCamp hanno bisogno di relatori che condividano la propria conoscenza e esperienza. Scopri come preparare un talk e divertirti con il tuo pubblico!

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  • WordPress Community Interview With Brittney Moffatt

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeaker: Brittney Moffatt

    November 21, 2016 — Brittney Moffat resides in northern Ohio in the US and has been using WordPress for one year.

    We talk about her experiences at WordCamps, the WordPress Community and her involvement in the local WordPress Meetup group.

  • Melanie Sklarz: Building Your Passion Project With WordPress

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: Melanie Sklarz

    June 24, 2016 — A passion project is a creative side project you work on outside of your chosen career that brings you joy, builds confidence, and you use to make your mark on the world. Learn how I used WordPress as a content and blogging platform to turn my passion project into a cohesive brand that led to a new career, speaking offers and the recognition as an expert.

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  • Liam Dempsey: Outgoing on Command

    WordCamp Lancaster 2016Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    April 21, 2016 — Learning to be comfortable speaking in public, in both formal and informal settings, is an important life and professional skill. You can be “outgoing on command,” especially with support from the WordPress community.

    Liam Dempsey has worked by himself from home since 2005. He thrives in working alone, outside of the company of others. He’s not eager to join a co-working space. Yet, he started and organizes a WordPress Meetup. He regularly gives professional talks to sizable audiences on topics around WordPress and online marketing. He’s delivered open-invite webinars and been a guest on a number of podcasts. Through a series of observations, choices, decisions and tactics, Liam learned to be “outgoing on command”. His approach has helped other members of his small consultancy achieve similar “outgoing on command” skills. Whether you’re interested in getting into public speaking or just looking to get more from hallway meetings at WordCamps, this session will give you practical, non-gimicky ideas to help you get there.

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