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  • Cousett Hoover: Life after blog

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2021Speaker: Cousett Hoover

    May 31, 2021 — Your site is finally live! While that might be the end of one story, it is the beginning of another.

    Learn more about everyday maintenance for your blog. Get tips for performing security updates, managing speed issues, and resolving plugin conflicts.

    Just like a child, a blog requires lots of love and support to grow. Learn how to efficiently take care of your site and avoid many future troubles.

  • Frank Schmittlein: WordPress mittels InfiniteWP oder MainWP aktualisieren

    WordPress Meetup NürnbergSpeaker: Frank Schmittlein

    May 28, 2020 — Wir schauen uns InfiniteWP und MainWP an. Was geht mit diesen Tools, was geht nicht? Was sollte man besser selbst machen?

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  • Chris Ryan, Richard Clement: Success with WordPress in Large Multinational Corporates

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speakers: Chris Ryan, Richard Clement

    November 20, 2018 — Learning and sharing the experience of how to use WordPress in large corporates, multiple sites , page builders, maintenance, ease of rollouts etc

    Aspen Pharma only uses WordPress for all their sites.

  • David Grubb: Site Maintenance

    WordCamp Raleigh 2018Speaker: David Grubb

    June 11, 2018 — How to manage a single WordPress website to keep it safe, secure, updated and backed up.

  • Brian Murphy: Maintaining WordPress Websites

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Brian Murphy

    October 28, 2016 — Website maintenance is an often overlooked part of website ownership. Small business owners may go months between logging into their dashboard. This talk will discuss things to look for and their solutions when coming across a neglected website.

  • Sallie Goetsch: Is WordPress the Best Tool for This Job?

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016

    October 8, 2016 — There’s an old saying that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You can build almost anything with WordPress, but should you? If you build a single landing page or a 5-page brochure site in WordPress, you may be burdening your client with the cost and effort of constant maintenance of a site they might update once in a year. But if you don’t use a CMS when you need one, managing that site is going to be a nightmare for the client. Here’s how to explain to clients what a content management system is, how to tell whether they need one, where to go if they don’t, and why WordPress is worth the higher cost of hosting, the ongoing maintenance, and the time it takes to learn how to use it in the first place.

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  • Alex Sirota: Managed WordPress Demystified

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Alex Sirota

    January 16, 2016 — Managed WordPress is a vibrant category of web hosting that specializes in doing 1 thing only: ensuring your WordPress websites are reliable, secure and well-maintained.

    In this presentation, Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting will describe the different types of hosting available for WordPress with a focus on the ever evolving managed WordPress hosting space.

    This will be a non-vendor biased presentation but will help web developers, designers and their customers understand the value proposition that a Managed WordPress hosting company can offer.


    – Describe the difference between shared hosting & Managed WordPress.
    – Demonstrate some of the very cool features in several Managed WordPress systems including GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Solution (part of GoDaddy Pro), DreamPress from DreamHost, FlyWheel, Pantheon and WPEngine.
    – Present a new survey of more than 20 Managed WordPress hosts across the world.

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  • Chris Wiegman: Make WP_CLI Work For You – Extending WP_CLI With Custom Commands

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Chris Wiegman

    December 13, 2015 — WP_CLI is a powerful tool, even right out of the box. But it can be made to do so much more. This talk will discuss extending WP_CLI by adding your own commands. Whether for simple site maintenance or helping to manage clients learn to utilize WP_CLI to it’s maximum extent the right way with tips on adding commands, handling input and output and making sure that users can figure out just what your command is doing. This is an advanced talk appropriate for intermediate to advanced developers.

  • Javier Arturo Rodríguez: WordPress for SysAdmins

    WordCamp Barcelona 2015Speaker: Javier Arturo Rodríguez

    November 27, 2015 — A quick overview of managing WordPress from a systems administration perspective – installation, hardening, updating, backup and restore. I’ll spend some time discussing some of the security concerns inherent to a WordPress installation, including how to deal with spam, hostile crawlers and brute-force attacks.

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  • Sarah Marie Lacy: Don’t Let It Die On The Vine – Essential Tips For Managing Your New WordPress Site

    WordCamp Montréal 2015Speaker: Sarah Marie Lacy

    September 10, 2015 — So you’ve got yourself a shiny new WordPress website. Great! So, er, now what? If you’re feeling intimidated by your new bundle of technological joy, this is the session for you. Fear is the number one killer of WordPress websites but technology doesn’t have to be the monster under the bed. Learn about the pitfalls new WordPress owners face and get strategies to nip them in the bud: from dealing with backups & updates to security measures and remembering to renew your hosting package (yes, really!).

    WordPress can be a powerful tool, but like a beloved new plant, it needs regular tending and TLC. Don’t let fear of technology overwhelm you and cause your site to “die on the vine”!

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