Alex Sirota: Managed WordPress Demystified

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January 16, 2016

Managed WordPress is a vibrant category of web hosting that specializes in doing 1 thing only: ensuring your WordPress websites are reliable, secure and well-maintained.

In this presentation, Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting will describe the different types of hosting available for WordPress with a focus on the ever evolving managed WordPress hosting space.

This will be a non-vendor biased presentation but will help web developers, designers and their customers understand the value proposition that a Managed WordPress hosting company can offer.


– Describe the difference between shared hosting & Managed WordPress.
– Demonstrate some of the very cool features in several Managed WordPress systems including GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Solution (part of GoDaddy Pro), DreamPress from DreamHost, FlyWheel, Pantheon and WPEngine.
– Present a new survey of more than 20 Managed WordPress hosts across the world.

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