‘Team Development’ Videos

  • Tim Sisson: Herding Cats - Tips for Leading Technical People

    Tim Sisson: Herding Cats – Tips for Leading Technical People

    WordCamp St. Louis 2017Speaker: Tim Sisson

    March 24, 2017 — With years of management experience behind me, I’ve come to learn a few things about myself and about leading people. In this discussion, we’re going to talk about the human side of running a business. What it means to invest in your team(and vice versa), the pitfalls of working with others who are smarter than yourself, and how all of this can make your business better. By the end of the session we hope to laugh together and inspire one another!

  • Matt Adams: Designing With Developers

    Matt Adams: Designing With Developers

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Matt Adams

    October 31, 2016 — These days development needs to compliment design. So many designers have broad skills with branding, print design, and web design. Speaking developer and communicating that design vision to be executed is tricky. Having spent years working with both designers and developer, I want to help our design oriented audience learn to plan an amazing WordPress site that can be developed into a great theme. All while keeping the designer and developers from killing each other.

  • Maxime Bernard-Jacquet : Comment s’organiser en équipe autour d’un projet WordPress

    Maxime Bernard-Jacquet : Comment s’organiser en équipe autour d’un projet WordPress

    WordCamp Lyon 2015Speaker: Maxime Bernard-Jacquet

    June 13, 2015 — Quand vous enchainez des projets avec WordPress, de nouvelles problématiques viennent voir le jour. Cette conférence aborde bon nombre d’outils et de méthodologies qui vont vous permettre de booster votre productivité à tous les stades : Gestion de projet, designer, développeur, maintenance…

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  • Adrian Restantia: Design Workflow in Agency Environment for Rapid WordPress Development

    Adrian Restantia: Design Workflow in Agency Environment for Rapid WordPress Development

    WordCamp London 2015Speaker: Adrian Restantia

    June 1, 2015 — Adrian presents the internal design workflow that used at Moove to ensure that they can work in so called ‘rapid development mode’ here. He explains how this internal design workflow is important for the team of WordPress developers. He also explains how this design process can make developer’s life easier in the html / css coding stage, shorten timelines and result in better development work.

  • Tomaž Zaman: Knowledge Isn’t the Problem, Communication Is

    Tomaž Zaman: Knowledge Isn’t the Problem, Communication Is

    WordCamp Cape Town 2014Speaker: Tomaž Zaman

    March 12, 2015 — Poor communication within the team, dissatisfied clients, lack of direction; Every developer encountered one form or another of these problems and in this talk, Tomaž goes over them, analyzes their causes and suggests a few solutions from which we can all improve our business relationships.

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  • Mark Forrester: Going Small to Grow Big

    Mark Forrester: Going Small to Grow Big

    WordCamp Cape Town 2014Speaker: Mark Forrester

    March 9, 2015 — In 2014 the WordPress platform has matured and the ecosystem has grown up, as have the demands and requirements of WordPress site owners. The commercial product space has become noticeably saturated and overnight success for plugin and theme creators is a thing of yesteryear. But never fear there’s still plenty of entrepreneurial opportunity and gold nuggets to be mined if you look in the right places.

  • Panel Discussion: Build and Grow a Small Team

    Panel Discussion: Build and Grow a Small Team

    WordCamp Orlando 2014Speakers: Max Lutz, Jessica Stewart, David Parsons

    March 8, 2015 — A panel discussion on how to build and grow a small development team. It discusses how to manage clients, stay organized, maintain coding standards, and create consistency along with other principles we’ve learned along the way.

  • Kimb Jones: Why Don’t You Do WordPress for Yourself?

    Kimb Jones: Why Don’t You Do WordPress for Yourself?

    WordCamp Europe 2014Speaker: Kimb Jones

    January 4, 2015 — – How a WordCamp can change your life, twice
    – How you could be lying to yourself
    – From full time employment, to freelance, contractor, consultant and finally, agency – The beauty of the WordPress ecosystem + why WordPress
    – WordPress naysayers and how to shut them up
    – Starting Make Do, the mistakes we made
    – More mistakes, damn we made so many
    – How we work as a team
    – The tools we use to work remotely
    – Why you don’t need an office
    – Working with clients/customers
    – How you can do this
    – How to go it alone, the options to choose from
    – Friends, enemies & competition

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  • Jeff Veen: Momentum

    Jeff Veen: Momentum

    WordCamp San Francisco 2014Speaker: Jeff Veen

    November 14, 2014 — There is so much talk about design in our industry these days, but how do we actually put that into practice? How do we make products that thrive? How do we create a culture for our teams that fosters creativity, momentum, and trust? Jeff shares the techniques he’s used with his own teams to help you be more productive and satisfied in your work.

  • Cory Miller: Entrepreneurship for Developers - Keys to Success

    Cory Miller: Entrepreneurship for Developers – Keys to Success

    WordCamp NYC 2014Speaker: Cory Miller

    November 13, 2014 — As a developer, you built some great software one day and then decided to release it. Only to wake up one day and realize you are now running a business. Maybe one with employees. The sudden realization that you’re not just a developer now, you’re an entrepreneur is daunting.