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  • Boyan Yordanov: Automated Testing For WordPress Sites

    Boyan Yordanov: Automated Testing For WordPress Sites

    WordCamp Varna 2017Speaker: Boyan Yordanov

    October 3, 2017 — Как да правим автоматизирани тестове в WordPress? Има ли почва за unit tests в него? Що е то Behavior Driven Development, Gherkin, Beehat и WordHat?

  • Gabriel Pleszowski: Testeando WordPress de manera simple

    Gabriel Pleszowski: Testeando WordPress de manera simple

    WordCamp Mexico City 2017Speaker: Gabriel Pleszowski

    August 22, 2017 — El testing de plugins y sitios de WordPress no es un tema habitualmente conversado entre diseñadores, usuarios casuales, developers o administradores.

    La idea de esta charla es mostrar cuan fácil es usar una serie de poderosas herramientas que facilitan el testeo y mejoran nuestro código y markup.

  • Anand Thakkar: Automated Testing in WordPress Eco System

    Anand Thakkar: Automated Testing in WordPress Eco System

    WordCamp Nasik 2016Speaker: Anand Thakkar

    June 22, 2017 — 1. Basics About Testing and Different Level of Testing Used in WordPress Project
    1.1 Beta testing
    1.2 User testing
    1.3 Automated testing
    1.4 Other Testing
    2. Scope of Automated Testing
    3. Environment for unit testing in WordPress Core
    4. Example related to PHPUnit from WordPress Core
    5. Example related to QUnit from WordPress Core

  • Luca Tumedei: Writing testable code in WordPress

    Luca Tumedei: Writing testable code in WordPress

    WordCamp Torino 2017Speaker: Luca Tumedei

    April 13, 2017 — If “WordPress is not testable” then why bother about testable code at all?

    Because writing testable code is the first step to testing your code, testing your code is the first step to testing ALL your code, testing all your code is the first step to reduce shipping times, reducing shipping times is the first step to fast response to feature requests and bugs that makes clients happy.

    And because the first sentence is less true every day.

    Let’s find a definition of “testable code” that applies to both WordPress and the current practices of testing; let’s see how we can stop ignoring the elephant in the room and embrace testing with a sane approach that improves code and coders quality without leaving anyone out in the cold.

    I will present real-world examples of new and existing code, the tools used to write and maintain testable code and some simple rule-of-thumbs to keep in mind when developing for our beloved CMS.

  • Matt Cheney: Testing Your Code as Part of an Industrial Grade Workflow

    Matt Cheney: Testing Your Code as Part of an Industrial Grade Workflow

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Matt Cheney

    March 18, 2017 — There are a lot of obvious benefits to using version control for your projects, but there are a lot of non obvious benefits too. In this session, learn how to create an industrial grade version control workflow using Git and automatic testing. Topics that will be covered include:

    * How to Use Git Branches – Instead of having all of the developers work on the same “master” branch, you can have developers work on separate branches that can be created per developer, per feature, or even per ticket in your project management system.

    * How to Do Performance Testing – Instead of crossing your fingers when you site gets a lot of traffic, be sure that your site can handle the traffic by doing performance testing on each deployment that you do.

    * How to Do Cross Browser Testing – Instead of firing up a bunch of Virtual Machines to test different browsers and devices, set up an automatic script so that every time you are looking to do a deploy you get a bunch of screenshots to review.

    * How to Do Visual Regression Testing – If you are pushing a change that shouldn’t effect the front end of the site, wouldn’t it be nice to verify that? Learn how to visually compare a “before” and “after” version of your site to see where (if anywhere) visual changes happen.

    * How to Notify You Of Deployments – Instead of wondering if code has been deployed, learn how to integrate your workflow with chat solutions like Hipchat/Slack or more traditional solutions like SMS or Email.

    If you are a developer or manage developers on web projects, this session will help you learn how to level up your workflow and do a lot of really powerful testing on your project every time you do a commit.

  • Alex Shiels: Press Any Key To Continue

    Alex Shiels: Press Any Key To Continue

    WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016Speaker: Alex Shiels

    December 21, 2016 — This talk is about the importance of end-to-end testing, and not treating UX as something separate from programming. Promoting the idea that UX problems are fundamentally engineering issues, not design flaws that can be fixed later. This is aimed at a technical audience (plugin devs, designers, site implementors) but is not highly technical – includes examples of UI and error handling failures in general and from WP sites.

  • Jonathan Bardo: How to Catch Regressions Faster Using Acceptance Testing

    Jonathan Bardo: How to Catch Regressions Faster Using Acceptance Testing

    WordCamp Montreal 2016Speaker: Jonathan Bardo

    December 16, 2016 — By mimicking user flow and interactions, acceptance testing plays a key role in catching any kind regressions in someone’s plugin or theme. In this presentation, I will show how to write acceptance tests using a very simple little framework called Codeception and how someone can automate those tests using a continuous integration server such as Travis CI.

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  • Max Kovalenkov: Testing WordPress - It Doesn’t Actually Suck

    Max Kovalenkov: Testing WordPress – It Doesn’t Actually Suck

    WordCamp Montreal 2016Speaker: Max Kovalenkov

    November 18, 2016 — Testing has always been and continues to be something of a “skeleton in the closet” for most developers. It’s rarely required as part of the development process, is often tedious to set up, and, to be effective, needs to become a regular practice both before and after going live. Yet bringing it into our work routines provides numerous benefits in the long run and, if done properly, can save lots of headaches and at times even help avoid a tainted reputation. We will start by looking at the automated testing landscape from the high level – what’s what and where’s best to use each testing methodology. We will then explore testing options available for different parts of the WordPress ecosystem (core, plugins, themes), and go through a couple of practical examples of using selected test frameworks. To finish off, we’ll discuss the habit-forming aspect, which is not necessarily as much about development itself.

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  • Jason Cosper: Scaling WordPress With Load Testing

    Jason Cosper: Scaling WordPress With Load Testing

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Jason Cosper

    October 31, 2016 — Everybody wants their site to be scalable. From shared hosting customers to large media companies on expensive dedicated hardware, people deserve to get every last bit of performance that they’ve paid for.

    However, most people don’t even bother to load test their sites. And of those who do, a number tend to only run basic tests on their local machine. To truly understand what you can reasonably expect, you need to throw real traffic (and real scenarios) at your production environment.

    In this session, we will discuss how to generate tests that mimic realistic user traffic, ways to run these tests against your site, and what to do after you realize things maybe aren’t as fast as you’d thought.

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  • Megumi Hano: GitHub と Travis CI で WordPress テーマをテスト、ビルド、そして自動化

    Megumi Hano: GitHub と Travis CI で WordPress テーマをテスト、ビルド、そして自動化

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Megumi Hano

    July 28, 2016 — 継続的インテグレーション、CI(英: continuous integration)とは、主にプログラマーのアプリケーション作成時の品質改善や納期の短縮のための習慣のことを言います。(Wikipedia より)
    WordPress 公式テーマディレクトリ掲載テーマ Amethyst を事例に、採用したテストや費用対効果など WordPress テーマ開発における CI についてお話します。

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