Using Chrome’s Developer Tools

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November 30, 2022

Chrome is not just a great browser for viewing websites, but also an invaluable tool for building websites. Out of the box, Chrome ships with “developers tools”. Many web developers are aware of this and make use of some of the tools it provides. However, most developers only scratch the surface of what the browser can do. Join in as we take a deep dive into the Chrome developer tools and learn, among other things, how to:

– Quickly test styling fixes
– Emulate handheld devices to test responsive designs
– Easily navigate and debug JavaScript
– Use the JavaScript console
– View form submissions
– Monitor AJAX requests
– Check for performance issues
– Troubleshoot caching issues
– Create and use your own snippets
– Share replays of website interactions
– Auto-generate front-end tests
– Share the current state of Chrome dev tools with another developer

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