‘Tips’ Videos

  • Marcus Ohanesian: 10 Pro Tips to Run Your WordPress Project Successfully

    WordCamp Boston 2019Speaker: Marcus Ohanesian

    October 22, 2020 — In this lighting talk, I’ll go through 10 tips for designers, developers, and marketing gurus how to run their WordPress projects effectively. Some will be knowledge and expertise, some will be tools, some will just be common sense 😉

  • April Wier: From One to Two–Adding Your First Team Member Part 2

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2019Speaker: April Wier

    July 10, 2020 — Congratulations! You’ve managed to become your own boss. You are living the dream, except that in your dream, you weren’t doing Every. Single. Thing. Yourself. April will share practical tips on how to decide who your first hire should be and how to successfully delegate those things you’d rather not do.

  • George Mount: Blogging Effectively About Coding

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: George Mount

    July 8, 2020 — The WordPress community thrives when we share our technical expertise with each other. But, we’ve likely all met someone who is technically brilliant but struggles as a teacher.
    In this talk, I will share my tips and tricks for developing effective technical instruction from over six years of blogging and online content creation. While my background is in data analytics, users in web development, technical writing and other fields will benefit from a discussion of blogging effectively about tech (particularly code).
    Not only will attendees have a path forward for developing solid technical blog posts, I will lay out the win-win that this skill will have on their careers and the community as a whole.

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  • Susan Geary: Lightning Talks – 7 Resume Tips in 7 Minutes

    WordCamp Publishers: Columbus 2019Speaker: Susan Geary

    June 4, 2020 — This lightning talk was a review of current resume practices with a master resume writer with 19 years of experience.

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  • Tamara Zimmermann: More than Traffic – 15 Hands-on-Tipps für mehr Conversions

    WordCamp Vienna 2020Speaker: Tamara Zimmermann

    April 18, 2020 — Traffic ist gut und wichtig. Aber meist reicht es einfach nicht, dass User*innen auf die Website kommen – sie sollen auch etwas tun. Jede Website braucht ein Ziel, egal ob ein Kauf im Online-Shop, eine Kontaktanfrage oder eine längere Sitzungsdauer.
    Hier erfährst du, warum Usability und eine positive User Experience wichtig sind und was du tun kannst, damit daraus mehr Conversions entstehen. Anhand einer Reihe von Best (und auch Worst) Practice Beispielen bekommst du 15 Tipps zum Aufbau und zur Strukturierung deiner Website. Nimm deine User*innen an der Hand und führe sie zur Conversion. 

  • Jen Jeavons: Escaping Client Hell: 6 Practical Tips To Make Freelancing Fun Again

    WordCamp Sydney 2019Speaker: Jen Jeavons

    March 9, 2020 — A tale from foetal position to full fledged fearless leader – through red flag clients, horror scope creep and crippling anxiety due to chronic people pleasing tendancies, Jen will share her journey from solo freelancer to agency director and her hard won learnings over the last 10 years.

  • Mama Trish: The Care and Feeding of the Uncommon Nerd – Part 2

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2019Speaker: Mama Trish

    February 24, 2020 — Mama Trish’s NerdCare 101 is a fun, sometimes silly, always entertaining primer on how to multitask your creating with Self Care. Tips, tricks, tools, how-to’s, do-it-yer-dang-self, and music all add up to “What You Need to Know to Create Without Paying the Iron Price.” Sorry, Game of Thrones has altered my speech patterns. Where. Are. My. Flagons?! – Mother of Self Care

  • Enrico Sorcinelli: Dieci cose che potreste non conoscere su WordPress

    WordCamp Milano 2019Speaker: Enrico Sorcinelli

    December 21, 2019 — Una veloce overview su alcune tecniche, snippet, trick e plugin, anche quelli meno conosciuti, con lo scopo soprattutto di divertire e al contempo dare anche qualche nuova piccola idea.

  • Andrea Zoellner: Effective Copywriting Tips for Better UX

    WordCamp Montreal 2019Speaker: Andrea Zoellner

    October 9, 2019 — When we think about UX, we’re often too focused on fonts, colors, and flow to think about microcopy – those small bits of text that guide users through almost every part of a web interface. These words may be tiny, but they can make a significant difference in the usability of your design and even affect your site’s conversion rates.

    Key takeaways. In this talk, I will share copywriting and communication tips that will immediately improve your user interface microcopy, such as error messages and interface instructions, so your users experience less frustration and more delight.

    Talk attendees will get a quick introduction to branding and communication principles, basic UX principles, and how to evaluate effective copy in website flows. They will also see real examples of before and after situations where simple changes made a big difference and how and where to apply the same changes to their own sites.

  • Judith Schröer: Get Things Done! 7 Tips to Save Time

    WordCamp Europe 2019Speaker: Judith Schröer

    September 19, 2019 — Today we are busier than ever, our to-do-lists are growing, everything struggles for our attention and everything is, of course, super important (what else?!). There are many time management methods, and time is a critical factor, and you know that. You look at your to-do list and have the choice of either working a late shift or continuing the list tomorrow. It’s time to change that.