‘Volunteering’ Videos

  • AmyJune Hineline: Contributing to Open Source

    WordCamp US 2021Speaker: AmyJune Hineline

    December 13, 2021 — This talk discusses how to advocate for contributing to Open Source projects. (Did you know that not everyone who works on open source projects is a developer?)

    Smaller tasks help newer contributors gain confidence and gain experience, which, in turn, leads to more contributions.

    Contributing to Open Source also helps contributors feel connected with their community. But how does one become a contributor?

    Learn what we can do as a community to help foster new contributors and encourage those who are already contributing.

  • Hari Shanker, Hauwa Abashiya, Courtney Robertson: Help shape content on Learn WordPress

    Speakers: Courtney Robertson, Hari Shanker, Hauwa Abashiya

    July 22, 2021 — Through contributing to Learn WordPress, you can help give those new or already using WordPress a roadmap for their learning journey.

    Learn WordPress connects multiple WordPress Make teams, business owners, professionals, and individual users with ways to navigate their journey through WordPress the software and WordPress, the open-source project.

    Join us if you would like to take part in planning the content that will helps others take the next step in learning about the WordPress platform and its community. Learn WordPress contributors come from a variety of backgrounds. We are content creators, project managers, technical writers, designers, developers, trainers, and teachers.

  • Christopher Churchill, Abha Thakor: How contributors make WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2021Speakers: Christopher Churchill, Abha Thakor

    July 11, 2021 — This panel discussion features a conversation with Make WordPress volunteers who have been involved with major WordPress.org releases and projects.

  • Abha Thakor, Pedro Fonseca: Why contributing could be for you

    WordCamp Europe 2021Speakers: Pedro Fonseca, Abha Thakor

    July 9, 2021 — This panel discussion provides an introduction to contributing to the Open Source Make WordPress and suggests why you should join the effort.

    Learn more about thousands of contributors across the globe who are part of this active community. Hear from contributors and learn what inspires them. Could their experience inspire you?

  • Sergio Scabuzzo: Give back to WordPress

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2020Speaker: Sergio Scabuzzo

    May 30, 2020 — Have you ever wondered what it takes to help out with the WordPress project code base? What’s a ticket? How do you submit a patch? In this workshop we’ll open a ticket in WordPress’ bug tracker. I’ll work on the ticket in a WordPress development setup, then create and submit the patch to fix the issue. It will hopefully even get accepted and merged into WordPress core at a later time!

  • Maxime Jobin: Être bénévole, c’est payant !

    WordCamp Montreal 2019Speaker: Maxime Jobin

    December 25, 2019 — Nombreux sont les gens qui me demandent pourquoi je m’implique et donne autant de temps en lien avec WordPress. La réponse est simple: être bénévole, c’est payant. Mais comment donner son temps gratuitement peut être rentable ? Cette présentation vous expliquera sa stratégie pour contribuer au logiciel libre et surtout comment rendre votre bénévolat rentable. Être rémunéré pour faire du bénévolat, paradoxe ou réalité ?

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