‘Website Migrations’ Videos

  • Dominik Liss: WordPress Migrationen leicht gemacht

    Dominik Liss: WordPress Migrationen leicht gemacht

    WordCamp Vienna 2018Speaker: Dominik Liss

    August 11, 2018 — Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, die einem die automatisierte Migration einer WordPress Seite ermöglichen. Ab und zu funktionieren diese jedoch nicht und dann muss man den weiten Weg gehen und die Seite manuell übersiedeln.

    In dieser Präsentation werden wir über die Pitfalls der Migrations-Tools, die Herausforderungen einer manuellen Übersiedlung und über den richten Weg für Developer, diskutieren.

  • Tome Pajkovski: Transforming one-time gig into a lasting relationship

    Tome Pajkovski: Transforming one-time gig into a lasting relationship

    WordCamp Zagreb 2017Speaker: Tome Pajkovski

    December 19, 2017 — The talk is focused on how to nurture client relationship, go over hurdles, missed deadlines and misunderstandings, and how to protect yourself while not appearing protective.

    Idea of the talk is to go through an experience with one client, where we went from a simple website migration (due to the previous developer missing in action), that we nurtured and turned into one of our best relationship.

    Also, I want to focus on another thing that most developers misunderstand – that you are not actually charging for your time, and actually, you are getting paid for delivering value to the customer and his business, and why that is different.

  • Mia Orantes: How to Deliver Pain-Free Content Migrations For WordPress Redesign Projects

    Mia Orantes: How to Deliver Pain-Free Content Migrations For WordPress Redesign Projects

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Mia Orantes

    November 15, 2017 — Often the main bottleneck in a seamless redesign project is content planning, gathering, and migration. Even seasoned agencies get it wrong. Clients send initial content in a series of emails and then send changes in another series of emails. Large folders of image files are Dropboxed over with no naming convention and direction. Having the right communication plan, collaboration tools, and approval workflow in place can make all the difference in a happy client and on-time delivery of the project.

    The attendees will learn how to:
    * Ask the right questions in the discovery process and content roadmapping session to determine project content initiatives
    * Identify the different content gathering activities that need to happen throughout the project
    * Gain clarity on who’s doing what and when… and how long it will actually take
    * Break content delivery into prioritized batches
    * Document which stakeholders need to be involved in content reviews and approvals.
    * Pick the workflow and tools that will keep things moving most efficiently

    We will also briefly cover some other tips such as inventories, architecture, how to identify obsolete content, redirections, and potential hiccups along the way.

  • Jonathan Perlman: On the Move, Website Migrations Debunked

    Jonathan Perlman: On the Move, Website Migrations Debunked

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: Jonathan Perlman

    June 3, 2017 — Migrations are a thing we have to do sometimes, but dread doing. You ask yourself before, will it go okay? You think later, did I forget anything?

    In this talk I’m going to give you some key insights into migrating information from WordPress.com to a WordPress.org self-hosted site. After we’ll discuss the details of migrating a public web site from one host to another. I’ll give you the tools to test the migration before completely flipping the switch. Lastly, we’ll briefly discuss when you want to migrate content from a development copy of the site over to your public site.

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