‘WP-CLI’ Videos

  • Fabio Pacifici: How To Install WordPress using WP-CLI – #2 Generate the config file

    Speaker: Fabio Pacifici

    August 13, 2020 — In this step, we will generate a config file and set up the database
    credentials for our installation

  • Fabio Pacifici: How To Install WordPress using WP-CLI – #1 Download WordPress

    Speaker: Fabio Pacifici

    August 13, 2020 — Download and install WordPress using WP-CLI is straight forward. It takes four steps.
    In this video I’ll cover the first, download
    WordPress using the `wp core download` command.

  • Chandra Patel: WP CLI: Developer’s Good Friend

    WordCamp Udaipur 2019Speaker: Chandra Patel

    December 25, 2019 — WP-CLI is a great companion for developers who can leverage many of its features/functionality in their day-to-day development. In this session, I’ll give an introduction to WP-CLI, the basics command it provides and how we can use it. I will also discuss the other benefits, common useful commands in WP-CLI, installing external commands and a quick introduction to creating a custom command.

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  • Dwayne McDaniel: Shipping Content With WP-CLI and Automated Testing And Why That Is Awesome

    WordCamp Seattle 2018Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    December 19, 2019 — We live in a world of continuous integration, continuous delivery, version controlled code and configuration. Yet when it comes to delivering content we are relying on doing all publishing straight to the production environment and hoping it works, editing the live document to fix issues we only find once they are in production. I propose there is a better way.

    Let’s build our content on our development instances the same way we develop code and configuration. Then using the power of Github, WP-CLI and Automated Testing tools like Behat, let’s professionally deploy our content to production will full confidence it works as intended. Let’s give editors better tools to build better content in a word of Gutenberg while saving anyone the need to overwrite the production database ever again.

    Topics include:

    WP-CLI for generating content
    Connecting Github and your WordPress site
    Leveraging multiple environments
    Behaviorally testing content

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  • Ralf Hortt: How to Dev

    WordCamp Stuttgart 2019Speaker: Ralf Hortt

    November 10, 2019 — Ich möchte ein Talk über mein Setup halten und wie die einzelnen Teile sich perfekt zusammenfügen.
    Die Reise beginnt bei Alfred und Composer geht über WP CLI zur Versionsverwaltung hin zu Deployment.

  • Behzod Saidov: Introduction to WP-CLI: Manage WordPress from the command line

    WordCamp Riverside 2017Speaker: Behzod Saidov

    September 16, 2019 — “The topic is about powerful tool WP-CLI than can help WordPress developers or power users a lot.

    If you manage multiple WordPress websites or multiple environments of a WordPress website, you probably have experienced situations where you need to go through exact same steps on multiple websites. Clicking through wp-admin screens to change settings becomes time consuming. WP-CLI can be used to automate those tasks with ease.

    During my presentation I’ll introduce the audience with the command line and WP-CLI, then I’ll go through some of the tasks that can be easily done using this tool. I’ll demonstrate some tasks running them on a sample WordPress website running in local development environment. Demonstrations will include tasks like pulling back the database to lower environments (qa/staging) and rewriting it, managing users, plugins, etc.”

  • Dale McGladdery: A Rose by Any Other URL – Changing site URL or cloning with the WP CLI

    WordCamp Vancouver 2018Speaker: Dale McGladdery

    August 9, 2019 — Have you ever needed to move your website from one URL to another, create a test site, or change from http to https? It’s a pain. There are plugins and services for this, but they’re often overkill, don’t quite do it the way you want it done, or may not be cost beneficial. There’s another way. The WordPress WP-CLI tool gives you a zero cost option for change your website URL and moving your website. If you’re comfortable using command line tools, or want to learn, this presentation gives a step-by-step process to copy a WordPress site from one host to another. At the end of session you’ll be able to create a test version of your website without buying or installing a plugin, and keep that site up-to-date. You’ll also be able to change the URL of an existing site. We’ll also touch on creating a local version of your website on your computer and installing WP-CLI, the WordPress command line tool.

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  • Sergio Scabuzzo: The Command Line is Your Friend: WP-CLI, the Shell and What They Can Do for You

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Sergio Scabuzzo

    June 26, 2019 — April 6, 2019, 9 am Horseshoe Ranch Room, University Center, College of the Canyons — After this talk, you will have a clear understanding of what can be done with WP-CLI and the command line. I’ll share basic commands and more advanced scripts to ease your day to day interactions with WordPress. We’ll cover things like using ‘wp search-replace’ to find and replace instances of text in your database/posts, installing/activating multiple plugins in one command, and even backing up your site to your computer…

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  • Francisco Calderón Jurado: WP-CLI – Automatiza tus tareas y tómate un café – OpenSouthCode 2019

    WordPress Meetup MálagaSpeaker: Francisco Calderón Jurado

    June 10, 2019 — En este taller aprenderemos a usar la herramienta WP CLI, la herramienta de línea de comandos para gestionar nuestros sitios WordPress.

    Veremos como WP CLI permite:
    – Instalar WordPress en remoto en varios subdominios
    – Actualizar WordPress: plugins, temas, traducciones y core
    – Importar y exportar contenido de uno o varios sites
    – Importación masiva de imágenes
    – Regenerar miniaturas
    – Realizar copias de seguridad de la base de datos
    – Buscar y reemplazar en la base de datos
    – Y lo que me de tiempo 😉

    Más info: https://wp-cli.org/

    ¿Qué has de traer? Si quieres practicar o tomar nota de los comandos, trae tu portátil.

    Público objetivo: configuradores, usuarios y administradores de webs en WordPress que necesiten automatizar algunos procesos

    Francisco Calderón Jurado – https://twitter.com/fcjurado