‘WP-CLI’ Videos

  • Steve Grunwell: Up and Running with WP-CLI

    Steve Grunwell: Up and Running with WP-CLI

    WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018Speaker: Steve Grunwell

    February 26, 2019 — Traditionally, interacting with WordPress is largely a graphical affair: many users rely on WP Admin to manage themes, plugins, content, and everything else. For situations where you need to be able to script WordPress interactions, however, nothing compares to the power of WP-CLI, the official command line interface for WordPress.

    This session acts as a primer for WP-CLI, scratching the surface of what can be done and how it fits into the WordPress workflow. Whether you’ve never heard of WP-CLI or have been using it as part of your daily WordPress rituals, you’re sure to learn at least a few useful tricks.

  • Marc Gratch: Using the Command Line: Bash and WP-CLI

    Marc Gratch: Using the Command Line: Bash and WP-CLI

    WordCamp Birmingham 2018Speaker: Marc Gratch

    January 4, 2019 — An intro course to navigating the command line using bash and wp-cli. From simple to complicated, with examples!

    Learning how navigate via cli, how to improve efficiency by completing common (often time consuming tasks) via the command line and some useful code examples to understand how to write bash scripts. Nerdy goodness 🙂

  • Vineet Talwar: WordPress Backups. Disaster management and recovery

    Vineet Talwar: WordPress Backups. Disaster management and recovery

    WordCamp Poznań 2018Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    August 9, 2018 — We will talk talk about the different aspects of backups. What to backup? Where to backup? How to backup? Goes without saying that the audience would want to know the tools that can be used. We will hear about the tools and techniques to do both automatic and manual backups.

    Finally we will move a little deeper into the technicalities – leveling up and elaborating upon backups using WP-CLI and a talking about a brief discussion on Git for code management and making automated cron jobs that takes backups with the help of WP-CLI and stores them securely on Amazon S3.

  • Javier Casares: WP-CLI para hacer mantenimiento semanal de tu sitio

    Javier Casares: WP-CLI para hacer mantenimiento semanal de tu sitio

    WordCamp Irun 2018Speaker: Javier Casares

    June 4, 2018 — Hacer mantenimientos de sitios con WordPress puede ser pesado… todos los días entrar en tu sitio, verificar las novedades, esperar que las actualizaciones funcionen automáticamente desde el panel sin que afecten a ningún usuario…

    Si eres de los que ha de actualizar con cierta frecuencia muchos sitios ¿por qué no hacerlo con elegancia?

    Gracias a WP-CLI podemos ejecutar una serie de comandos que nos ayudarán a mantener fácilmente nuestro sitio, verificar si el core está siendo atacado y principalmnete hacer un mantenimiento indoloro y que permitirá un downtime prácticamente inapreciable.

    Esta charla es muy práctica (se darán comandos para poder “hacerlo en tu casa”) de aproximadamente 20 minutos y explicará de forma básica los comandos más útiles de WP-CLI enfocados al mantenimiento de tu sitio.

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  • Rafael Funchal: Configurando SSL com Let’s Encrypt, EasyEngine e WP-CLI

    Rafael Funchal: Configurando SSL com Let’s Encrypt, EasyEngine e WP-CLI

    WordCamp Porto Alegre 2017Speaker: Rafael Funchal

    October 26, 2017 — Nessa palestra, vou falar sobre como funciona a implantação de SSL em sites WordPress utilizando três projetos open source: Let’s Encrypt, EasyEngine e WP-CLI.

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  • Ryan Kanner: Take Back The Day With WP-CLI

    Ryan Kanner: Take Back The Day With WP-CLI

    WordCamp Boston 2017Speaker: Ryan Kanner

    August 15, 2017 — WP-CLI can be one of the most powerful tools in a developer’s tool belt if used correctly. This tool can be used to automate the simplest or most complex tasks with ease. All from the comfort of your command line.

    In this session, I’ll show you a few specific examples where WP-CLI can save you tons of time by performing tedious, or repetitive tasks, and getting you back to the things you want to be doing.

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  • Danny Hobo: Speeding Up Development With WP-CLI

    Danny Hobo: Speeding Up Development With WP-CLI

    WordCamp Helsinki 2017Speaker: Danny Hobo

    June 29, 2017 — WP-CLI, a tool not too familiar by many developers, and that is a shame. WP-CLI can speed up your development and maintenance time a lot by just typing a few commands in the terminal.

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  • Takayuki Miyauchi: wp-cli入門
  • Dwayne McDaniel: WP-CLI - WP Yes You – Can

    Dwayne McDaniel: WP-CLI – WP Yes You – Can

    WordCamp Raleigh 2017Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    June 22, 2017 — He have been working in tech and open source sales since 2005.

    He said “It is 2017 and time to make the robots do all the things we can make them do. Machines can do just about anything as long as you give them the properly formed instructions. Fortunately for us WordPress allows us to give these instructions in an easy to learn and very robust manner called The WP-CLI. It is the fastest way to install, active and update any theme, plugin or just about anything else in your WordPress site.
    In this presentation I will demonstrate a simple install script that will have a fully functioning, customized WP website in about the same time than it normally takes download the WordPress.zip file. We will also look for how third party tools and hosts are leveraging the WP-CLI to make your life as a developer even easier.”

  • Ivelina Dimova: Make Your Own WP-CLI Command in 10 min

    Ivelina Dimova: Make Your Own WP-CLI Command in 10 min

    WordCamp Europe 2017Speaker: Ivelina Dimova

    June 21, 2017 — WordPress developer working at CrowdFavorite where we create web solutions for big enterprise companies. I am more focused on back-end development and passionate about version control systems, deployment and server administration tools.

    Have you heard WP-CLI, an about open source WordPress management tool that can make your development flow a lot easier? If you’ve heard about it or already use, you probably wondered how it be extended to support custom commands. This talk will give you a short overview how to accomplish this and make your own magic with WP-CLI.

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