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January 5, 2009

Getting set up with your blog takes less than a couple of minutes – in this short video we walk you through the process of getting up and running

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14 Responses to “Signing up with”

  1. lstruggler

    I am totally new to WordPress and am trying to setup my first blog. I will probably have three blogs eventually. How will I refer each of my audiences to their respective blogs if their is only one domain name?


    • lstruggler

      To develop the above thought further: The video starts off saying there is one username under which many blogs can be started. Later the video says there is one domain name. So I am wondering how the different blogs will be distinguinshed and how I will refer others to them. I am thinking that I will have to have a domain name for each of them for referral such as,,, etc.


  2. Janie cordle

    Please tell me what the cost is to have this. I need security, etc.

  3. bsmd1

    I’ve always heard of blogs but never had a clue what they were or where they came from much less how to write one. I guess I’ll learn.

  4. Jan Lagasse

    I am very new to Blogging, so baby steps for me. More later when I have more information.

  5. Mel

    When you sign up. You are asked to choose between “Gimmee a blog” and “Just a username, please”…what is the difference? Can switch back later if I change my mind?

  6. Jenniffer Huang

    It is so easy. You don’t really need a how to Vid.
    Very sympathic video btw.


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