Introducing WordPress for iPhone 1.2


March 24, 2009

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WordPress for iPhone is a free application for blogging on the move. In this 3 minute video we take a tour of what’s old and what’s new with version 1.2 of the application.

AKA: 2009 – A CellPhone Odyssey.

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29 Responses to “Introducing WordPress for iPhone 1.2”

  1. Thomas_U

    nice overview!

  2. Riccardo

    wow! this is great! :)

  3. dbh937

    what about for i-touch?

  4. tomdwright

    really nice, makes me wish I had an iPhone :-)

  5. Video Divertenti

    I’ts super! I want to do that too! Someone know if there is a free virtual iphone to use by the web browser that I don’t have money to buy it now?

  6. Andrej

    Thats really nice, so good for my iPhone :) thaaaaanks

  7. Charles Weeden

    Really cool, I would love to have this on my iPhone if I ever get one.

  8. worldze

    muito intereçante !!

  9. tubeburner

    Pretty cool! I’m getting an iPod touch this summer and I already have the app downloaded in iTunes. I love wordpress!

  10. stylexproductions

    I’m jealous because there is no app “YET” for blackberry….hopefully soon???!!??

  11. fabiolagiannini

    Bellissima iniziativa!! Veramente straordinario poter apprendere da un video!

  12. Zulughana


  13. agadir2009

    Please can i create my own vidéo with this feature

  14. Lora

    That was pretty nice! I already knew about most of the things though.
    Is there an update planned anytime soon?

  15. Joshua Collins

    Very nice interface for the iPhone! Now, all I need is an iPhone :p

  16. James McWhorter

    Can’t wait to use it. I got so sucked in the awesome video that I almost forgot what it was about!

  17. Will

    What about being able to see stats. It’s good to see where traffic is coming from. Esp when i use twitter and f/book to promote posts. Good to see what’s working and what isn’t

  18. Melayu Boleh

    Great! Its now perfect viewing WP blog in my iPhone.

  19. Alex Stuckey

    I’ve been using the iPhone app since it was released. But I’ve been waiting for ages for landscape keyboard, URL help and comment moderation. Thank you so much for the update, they were much needed features that make the WordPress app the best blogging app on the App Store.

  20. germancalvo

    Thanks Alex, the brilliant video and your coments makes me want to get an iPhone right now.

  21. Twitter Icon Guy

    I’m in love with the 2.0 version. I setup a new WP blog for a friend’s site the other night, it took me about an hour to customize it to his theme, then when I connected it to the iPhone App, he was over the moon! WordPress + iPhone = Perfection!

  22. jonkirby2012


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