Introducing the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime


May 6, 2009

P2 brings blogging into realtime – whether alone or as a group, public or private. This short video takes you through the unique features of the P2 theme, available for your or self-hosted WordPress blog today

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79 Responses to “Introducing the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime”

  1. MonBouquet

    … and there was light !

  2. Aris

    Looks really fantastic Michael. Well done. Looking forward to finding a use for this one!


  3. Angad

    Wow, simply lovable!

  4. Michael Struwig

    That is insanely clever – basically allowing you to turn WordPress into something like Twitter (with better features).

    You guys are awesome.

  5. Gunnar Lindberg Årneby

    And a pseudo british narrator – brilliant!

  6. trench

    reminds me of a wordpress based twitter! cool.

  7. Ottaviano

    Poor Twitter, once the hype runs out it’s going to be lights out.

  8. photoshopzoo

    Very cool Michael ;)

  9. mcs119

    it’s really cool! i love it! you can communicate with other people just like with an instant messenger, wait, i use icq for this..i think i will use the blog as a blog and not an instant messenger, sorry folks

    • Pip

      So you don’t have a use for it. Don’t use it. A creative individual might find dozens of uses for it, so is there any particular reason to be a prick about it?

  10. Sajid

    This sounds very easy and interesting, will try…

  11. Zulfikar

    Awesome them and concept :)
    Does that mean tittering has come WordPress?

    Looks cool and just what the doc ordered.

  12. Zelaurent

    Awesome! It’s a great idea to compete Twitter.

  13. renderedchild

    This would be cool as more of a plugin for a current blog; mix together micro posts and full length posts to your current blog… that would be rad.

  14. Raoul Pop

    Very cool. This would be great for quick collaboration among team members working on the same project.

  15. Lora

    Hm. It doesn’t really look like a blog anymore, just some sort of forum.

    - Lora

  16. photoTristan

    Great theme.

    Though I notice on a single post page, the navigation to the next older posts actually states “Newer post” (and vice-versa). This should be switched around, no?

  17. Jonathan

    WordPress/Facebook/Twitter have just had a child.

  18. Chris Robinson

    kinda interesting, but its just a twitter clone with a few more features…

  19. futuregrace

    agree with renderedchild, I’d like this in a side bar or mixed with a normal type blog.

  20. Prototive

    agree, bright one!!
    you wrote a whole new chapter for blogging!

  21. Maxwell Paluska

    It would be nice if P2 blogs could interact to create a Twitter-like community

  22. Tom Wright

    It goes awesomely with WordPress Mu/BuddyPress, just create a feedback blog and within 5 minutes you are done

  23. laura

    just when I thought I was understanding how to start a blog, it turns into twitter? disappointed…too in the moment – need the luxury to read “articles” and well-thought out paragraphs, not just percolations…

  24. ilivedit


  25. Ximena Eduarda

    Reeeeeally want to try it! Specially the thought of starting to integrate the 1,000 windows we now use, I know it’s not there yet, but I am sure soon it will be. thanks!

  26. junichoon

    This is a very very exciting function!

  27. Salem

    Kickass. Its like a forum, mixed with a non-account-based twitter type of thing. I would probably create a new page in my blog and use it there; i wouldn’t use this theme for my whole blog. But it looks fantastic.

  28. Javier

    is kinda cool!!

    but.. isn’t it almost the same IRC achieved a decade before?
    oh yes.. I forgot to mention youtube ..

    but on IRC they used images, colors, emoticons, sounds, animations, connections and plenty of more.. almost a matrix application…

    I think we are rediscovering the wheel :D
    nevertheless… I think it is a good start for a new change ;)

  29. agbiotec

    w – o – w

  30. Droope

    Wow, awesome!!!!!!!! :)

  31. onnayokheng

    wow.. it’s amazing!!!! :o

  32. Luis Abarca

    De lujo, ya faltaba esto en wordpress.

    Thats great !!!

  33. serghuk

    hm, interesting!

  34. rongzu


  35. Cate

    Another twitterstyle tool. Another thing to become addicted to. Looks good

  36. greencentertv

    Hello guy’s this owesome, great, this is what i was looking for ,congradulations..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jonathan

    Lemme get this straight: You produced a video to promote a game changing feature for WP blogs… and forgot to post a link to where we can get that feature?

    Idea: A
    Video: A
    Link: F

  38. honeykoh

    SO NICE…

  39. markhardy


  40. aeh


  41. harritimonen

    nice :D

  42. Stephen Chua

    I’ve been looking for a simple Q&A forum without the hassles on WP. Looks like I’ve found it.

    The comments have so many great ideas for its use – perhaps I’ll use it as a page for clients like a private membership site too.

    Thanks for making P2 free.

  43. kovshenin

    Hey the theme totally rocks, great job everyone! I’m definitely gonna find some project to use this ;)

  44. Thomas Rocha


  45. sweet pea


  46. nomad-one

    This is really great, though there’s no need for people to see it as a twitter competitor, there’s enough space online for personalised as well global, P2 opens the door for many other uses for wordpress, just like some of the other alternative use themes which have been coming out in the last year or 2.

    I’ve even being toying with the idea of making a task management/light project management theme for WordPress.

  47. Mippe

    How can I post a picture or a link?

  48. PB

    … and there was light !

  49. robertsonthompson

    interesting, when i rty and embed the video into my post (like shown in the video) – it just shows up as text.

  50. My Style

    Amazing theme!
    That’s really more like my style!
    Just so cool!
    Great job!

  51. Faisal Basra

    This is the ever best wordpress i come to know and using

  52. Pakistan News

    Amazing! Great job!

  53. Pakistan Real Estate

    wow.. it’s amazing!!!!

  54. maxmunton

    brilliant! new era for wordpress users

  55. damiendehorn

    How customisable is this theme?

  56. accountinghomework help

    I can understand and I agree with you because very useful updating.
    So much

  57. dailymanga

    Can somebody tell me? How can I put an Image? Not a Link, but an Image?

    • Ryan Markel

      You can use the IMG tag in order to get images into your posts if you have the source URL, but if you want to upload an image to be part of the post, you’ll need to head to your admin section and use the regular post interface. Simply use the media tools like a non-P2 blog.

  58. erich

    why to have to always go to the dashboard – even to post an image ?

  59. Richard

    Mmmm, the theme is good, but it’s so unfinished. If you only allow logged in users to post and they go to their profile… AAAH! it’s back to the old wordpress admin look! Holy smelly fish, this is ugly, I mean, why have you not themed the backend as well????

    THIS is the feature that still makes twitter great and this woprdpress theme sucky. C’mon on guys finish the job, make a ‘total experience’ not a half cut job! I now have to use another plugin to theme the backend and login AAAHH …

  60. shannon

    p2 is pretty cool.

  61. sal

    We hope to use p2 in our new web hosting website for better conversations between users. A great way to create a support forum!

  62. regina

    Hey I love this one! I was trying to think of how to make it work in tandem with a partner site. One would be for promoting community engagement, and the other would be content support. With custom menus, you can bop back and forth (does P2 have custom menus yet?). What about the sites searching eachother? I put Meebo on my site, but I’d rather use P2.

    • Ryan Markel

      P2 doesn’t have navigation menus, but you can add a custom menu to your sidebar using the custom menu widget and populate it with your content of choice. Searching both sites would require self-hosted blogs with some integration work.

  63. M

    its almost like going to the open window and speeking it all out into the air

  64. Neboysha Novkovich

    Great theme, great idea. Congrats!

  65. AnyTrip

    The P2 theme’s great. We really need to update ours! Cheers.

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