Introducing WordPress 2.8 – Baker


June 11, 2009

WordPress 2.8 “Baker” builds on the changes begun with 2.7, making the blogging experience smoother and simpler than ever. This short video walks you through the latest additions.

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55 Responses to “Introducing WordPress 2.8 – Baker”

  1. masya

    Brilliant video. Thanks you

  2. Tinh

    Great version, it also helped fix my one theme V2 errors automatically, Bravo WordPress

  3. kovshenin

    Great! I love WordPress! =))

  4. Karl

    I second Kovshenin. WordPress is just amazing!

  5. Niyaz

    Awesome video …grt work :-)

  6. Spyros Papaspyropoulos

    Great video and great new features! Well done!

  7. satoridork

    So much good work. Thanks WordPress crew!

  8. Fabrizio

    Simply Fantastic! Excellent Work! Thx

  9. Andrei

    Cooler, smoother, simpler blogging.

    Right on target. :)

    Now let’s get those plugins updated!

  10. Daniel

    Wonderfull update,
    great movie to introduce everything.
    Thank you!

  11. Jakub

    Great :) Thanks Thanks Thanks :) Let’s try 2.8 :)

  12. nothardly

    Amazing stuff! I’ve been *waiting* for this since I started on the web… in the mid-’90s! The promise is – finally – coming true!

  13. pelin

    I love WordPress. Thank’s for everyone whoever puts an effort in to it.

  14. Louis Balfour

    Nice! :)

  15. runen

    Many congratulations. The video is very professional and makes an useful introduction to the new version.

  16. Robin Lee

    Yeah! 2.8 finally! Good job guys!

  17. BestBoyZ

    Damm we love WordPress, it’s the Best way to Blog

  18. xtof

    fantastic use of video to make a changelog understandable to non-technical users. great marketing, guys!
    one thing. comparing dot versions of your software to jazz legends is embarrassing.

  19. gc

    sweet video…very smooth! Can’t wait to test drive it!

  20. Brandon C.

    I can’t wait until it goes into full public release!!

  21. alrightstilldotnet

    WordPress might be amazing, but it seems that 2.8 does not live up to its hype. It is giving errors all around and I’m only getting blank pages.

  22. Bunting

    Very helpful features are included. I am definitely going to upgrade my previous version. Thanks.

  23. adel

    Lets try newest wordpress! always love wordpress :)

  24. Luanigio

    Bella li!

  25. Tom Courtney

    Without giving it much thought I upgraded from latest 2.7. to 2.8 and have a disaster. At first the site came up looking like a column of links down the left hand side.
    After several attempts I got the design web site. Went into Site Admin and have a dashboard which is a series of links down the left hand side, which are those I would have if I had the standard dashboard screen. Most of them don’t work and those that do just take me to a basic text location. The whole thing is a disaster. I am Europe and not home in Australia. I want to get back to 2.7.? but I didn’t back up anything.
    It is so stupid putting out something as bad as this – refer to comments pouring in on various forums – and it has been released to cater for someones ego rather than the users. Someones ego must by no have taken a battering and his reputation in tatters. You have stuffed my site.
    If anyone can give me an easy fix, that would be good. If not I’m finished with WordPress and looking elsewhere as I don’t have the time for this sort of rubbish release.
    Just in case you want to know, i am angry.

    • Michael Pick

      Sorry to hear you’ve experienced a problem. Due to the huge number of different factors involved with a self-installations of WordPress (from plugins to third-party themes, to hosting), we highly recommend backing up your blog before upgrading. If you continue to have problems, I’d recommend submitting them to the friendly folks at the support forums who might be able to walk you through resolving your issue.

  26. Erni

    Nice additions, I just go to take a look at them. :)

  27. Saqib

    Great, wordpress is really a very nice CMS.

  28. dorithaqw

    Wow… wordpress is seriously the best!

  29. W3Avenue Team

    Web developers’ ability to easily customize and extend WordPress makes it one of the most popular and powerful publishing platform. However every time a new WordPress version is released, developer’s should look at their customized solutions and accommodate changes.

    W3Avenue has compiled a list of resources for WordPress developers that will help them quickly upgrade their themes or plugins to accommodate latest features.

  30. The Informal Matriarch


  31. sa

    yes! Perfomance… )

  32. Wagner Reis

    Very nice in wordpress 2.8! I will update now!

  33. linnamei

    Very nice! I love WP 2.8 so much. Thanks a lot Guys.

  34. Hubert Horn /

    Great 2.8 is now ready to GO.
    I will soon upgrade to that ;-)
    Bye Hubert

  35. Juan Cherry

    Everything I could of asked for has been delivered. Thanks WP Developers!!!

  36. Spill

    Great work:)

    Just upgraded and its looking good!

  37. Christopher

    a video is great, but not all of us have super fast internet connection please also add a text description.

  38. faust

    the upgrade went so smooth, love the new dashboard and template, plugin install remove features.. cheers

  39. Gabe Bell

    Woooo! WordPress rocks! Its my favorite.

  40. msincome

    Nice overview of the new WordPress and I am sure you have even more for us in the near future. I Love wordpress.


  41. cmasterson

    System froze solid. I had to reinstall by FTP instead. I won’t use the auto update again.

  42. Lautaro Gruss

    SO NICE..

  43. Christine

    WordPress may be the bet blog software around, but is has a lot to learn when it comes to both installation and upgrade issues.

    You shouldn’t have to basically destroy and rebuild your site just to upgrade it. Unless you’re basically a coder or can afford a coder, don’t bother running WordPress.

  44. zubair

    The new features are great and helpful, specially about plugin manager changes.

  45. theautumngreen

    Its cool. Thanks.

  46. aidandon

    good information :)

  47. admin #2

    i am a user and i don’t have wordpress v. 2.8 yet….how can i get it? PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Michael Pick

      If you’re a user, you’ll always be running the latest version of WordPress, with some extra customization – we don’t use version numbers for the .com service, but because it’s taken care of for you, there’s no need to do your own upgrades.

  48. hot8

    Hey folks where can i get multiple sidebars like it is in this video? Is it plugin?

    BTW Great platform and useful update. Thanks WordPress!

  49. Xak


  50. Din startside

    A big COOL from me too :-)

  51. Florian

    Didn’t know about these videos, really will done…even watched it although 2.9 is already out ;)

  52. Camber from Trust Download

    Nice overview of the new WordPress, the new features are great and helpful, everything I could of asked for has been delivered Thanks.

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