Douglas Hanna: Showcasing the Showcase – WordCamp SF 2009


August 11, 2009

Automattic’s Douglas Hanna presents the WordPress Showcase to the audience of WordCamp San Francisco 2009

Video produced by Dave Curlee and John P, with post-production by Michael Pick.

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17 Responses to “Douglas Hanna: Showcasing the Showcase – WordCamp SF 2009”

  1. Bryan Collie

    Will have to have my 20 year old daughter to make a interesting and informative blog as not in my headspace…great presentation and very professional.

  2. barryburls12345

    Thanks for the great info.

  3. gmcquade

    You need to slow down just a bit.
    good info, thx.

  4. rainiazahmad

    yes its really very good information…keep it up

  5. Jan Lamb

    We need to see the screen that the speaker is pointing to and talking about and not the speaker so much.

  6. Akinnuoye O Williams

    Well done guys. This is an improvement

  7. vize

    Thanks for the the information on submitting xceptional sites :)

  8. Nanang Suryana

    Thanks for the great info

  9. Ray

    Re: “You need to slow down just a Bit”. My 25 year old daughter who works NASA talks like that – fast. You just have to listen faster!

  10. Mong

    Great Stuff mate

  11. Randy Barnes

    Great to see this content. I have new ideas for improving my WP blog. Also, I am from Atlanta and talk slooooow but had no problem with your fast presentation.

  12. ilahi

    l am from turkey and l lile it very nice.. thank you

  13. sohailkhan150

    Thanks for the the information on submitting xceptional sites

  14. Devin

    Can someone post a link to the screenshot generator? Is there a plug-in for this? Sounds like a huge time saver.

  15. Son of Five Rivers

    Watching this video makes me think how I can transform my blog and take it to the next level. I surfed the showcase while listening to the video and I love the creativity of WordPress users.
    Very intelligent and insightful video.

  16. Devin

    Binary Moon just posted a plug-in that will make automated screenshots like they use in the showcase.

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