Installing WordPress Locally Using WampServer


November 12, 2009

Tom Johnson gives a brief introduction to and instructions for getting started with WampServer for Windows to run WordPress on your own computer. Running WordPress locally allows you to test setups, themes, plugins, and more without the need of an Internet connection or trouble of setting up a dedicated test installation.

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22 Responses to “Installing WordPress Locally Using WampServer”

  1. KatVibes

    This is one of the best instructional videos, Tom. BIG THANK YOU and congrats on the format, simplicity, completeness, technical style and your presentation style.

    If my search for moving my newly designed local blog to my live site comes up authored by you comes up empty…please, PLEASE create one. I’ve read instructions and viewed other videos but they’ve always left me scratching my head and bumbling through a few trial and error attempts before I stumbled into getting it right.

    You are my new WordPress TV hero!

  2. Mik

    great tutorial, I now have a local copy of WordPress to mess around with.

  3. lsm

    thanks for the very useful tutorial.

  4. Tinh

    Thanks, great video

  5. WordPress Portable

    You may wish to try WordPress Portable, a portable WAMP stack with WordPress already preinstalled.

  6. Robin

    Wonderful video! Thanks for taking me through step by step.

  7. Michael

    I followed this instructional video and it worked a treat. My only problem was finding how to crank up the new installation the next day!
    Eventually I worked out that I had to click on the Wampserver program icon in Start/programs, and then the little icon appeared in the task bar, which eventually led me to my new database’s name and go-time.
    I should have looked at the video again, because you cover this point at 6.26 onwards. More speed; less haste!

  8. Tutorial Komputer Gratis

    good job tom , very inspired


    really nice and easy :)

  10. Maninder Pal Singh

    Simple, awesome and perfect tutorial. Great job Tom :)

  11. ilyas

    thank you so much mr tom. thannk you!

  12. luke

    this is mint man. nice work, makes things so much easier than working off of a web server

  13. Michael

    Thankyou, thankyou and thanks once again!

    I’ve struggled for YEARS to set up a server on my computer all to no avail but I set it up as I watched this video and now I’ve already installed wordpress and can test my themes and widgets.

    One of the best instructional videos I’ve seen.

    Thanks from the UK.

  14. D James Rice

    This is what I needed. I am going to start changing my website up every now and then and now I can test without having to make changes live.

  15. MikeM

    Excellent Tutorial. Very clear, concise and well paced instructional video. overed all the necessary info. One suggestion I would make is to use a tool that allows you to zoom in to a specific part of the screen to enlarge it for easier reading. Not a major issue though.

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  16. Carla

    Thanks for the fantastic tutorial. It was very easy to follow. I’ve never used WAMP before but I am a big WP fan and now I can build a site to propose to my boss to replace our AWFUL “cushy cms” site.

  17. Computer Tips and Tricks

    Awesome tut. Thanks

  18. Evan

    Awesome! Saved me a lot of time!

  19. Chloe

    All I can say is

  20. mckinleyschoolptc

    Your instructions were even better than instructions. Many thanks to you!

  21. mark


  22. Igor

    Great instructions. Thank you so much!!!

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