Using Geotagging


November 29, 2009

User Jesse P. Luna demonstrates the Geotagging feature of, including how to activate the feature, configure it for your location, and work with it when creating a blog post.

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11 Responses to “Using Geotagging”

  1. shannon

    thanks for the great info. I trying to get my press blog going and this will be a great feature.


  2. ileaneb

    Thanks for the video, it is so much easier to follow along this way. Cool feature.


  3. pommepal

    Thanks for a very clear,easy to follow video.Also, thanks ileaneb for pointing me to this post. I am going to use this as I go around Australia.


  4. @JesseLuna

    Shannon, Ileaneb, Pommepal – You’re welcome! Glad this has been useful. ~Jesse


  5. Oscar H

    Hi Jesse, I am really interested about geotagging my posts but I dont have that option on my Users Your Profile SubPanel. My subpanel is like this one

    Could you explain me, how could I get this new option?

    Eternal gratefulness from spain,



  6. Patrick S

    Thumbs up…


  7. Ville virtuelle

    Wow that IS a cool feature !
    I should use it seriously.


  8. Roger

    Wow, geotagging is pretty cool.


  9. Ahmed

    I dont seem to have the option to add geotagging in my profile?

    I am using WordPress 2.9.2.


    • Michael Pick

      This is a feature, however there are various plugins you can install for similar functionality on a self-hosted WordPress blog. Run a search for “geotag” or “geotagging” from the Plugins> Add New menu and you should turn up some options.


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