Pete Mall: WordPress 3.0 Multisite Features


April 24, 2010

Pete Mall presents an overview of the new Multisite functionality in WordPress 3.0, including system requirements, differences and how to upgrade from WordPress MU, and how to get started with a Multisite installation.

Video provided by Blaze Streaming Media.

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2 Responses to “Pete Mall: WordPress 3.0 Multisite Features”

  1. Muse

    I appreciate your effort Pete to explain the beta version. I hope it won’t mess up our site when we apply single site automatic upgrades…

  2. jim

    Just wondering if a multisite install (using subdirectory) will allow for single user registration so users doesnt have to re-register on each sub sites? Is this possible.

    C. etc….

    So if a user register on main site, user have access on site B and C so on so foth. Would love to know if this is possible.

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