Michael Dorausch: Your first WordPress install


January 6, 2011


WordCamp Los Angeles 2010 15


Michael Dorausch 2


Beginner 38
installation 10


English 1849

MP4: Low, Med
OGG: Low
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6 Responses to “Michael Dorausch: Your first WordPress install”

  1. glorytogod23

    This has been exytremely helpful and so simple! GOD Bless you..

  2. kate

    Looks like it might have been useful, if the screen visuals were visible. Disappointing, because I’d realy like this information.

  3. Pascal Krawczyk

    My first WordPress installed from France, simply after windows live. Do am I readed in USA?

  4. DAve Gardner

    Sound cut out frequently, hard to understand when it wasn’t cutting out, couldn’t read screen visuals.

  5. dalia

    The idea of making videos to teach how to install WordPress is wonderful, but I suggest recording it closer so we can watch what you are teaching.

  6. blog Marian Dumbravu


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