Paul Clark: How WordPress Saves Lives – Freedom, Hope and Custom Post Types


March 8, 2013

Discover how WordPress empowers relief teams working in war zones in Southeast Asia, and explore the challenges strategies behind creating an application that tracks medical care and human rights abuses in the jungles of Burma.

With Custom Post Types and the Pods Framework, doctors and relief workers are able to make data-driven decisions when treating 15,000 patients each year. Learn how you can use these same tools and WordPress to power maps, charts, and interactive timelines.

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4 Responses to “Paul Clark: How WordPress Saves Lives – Freedom, Hope and Custom Post Types”

  1. Paul Clark

    Links to all the resources mentioned in the video, as well as sites that connect programmers with causes, can be found at


  2. Scott Kingsley Clark

    So proud to see WP and Pods used like this! This is exactly the reason why open source rocks!


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