WordPress.com New Dashboard Preview

10 responses on “WordPress.com New Dashboard Preview

  1. Suzanna

    thanks for video. useful for new wp people 🙂


  2. germancalvo

    Yes Suzanna, indeed, and I am going to try using it regularly.


  3. Martin Freye

    Helpful video, However I would like to see a step by step instructional video about exactly how to set up the blog. As an old geezer, unaccustomed as I am to public blogging, I’d be glad if jargon was omitted. Normal English words are best for us oldun’s.


  4. cyntarala

    Thank you for this visual aid! Since I am rather used to my television I am hoping that I will eventually become used to blogging,

    One can only hope, right?

    Thanks again for being so creative. This girl is impressed.


  5. cyntarala

    Oh and one more thing…I will be using it over and over again, so my gratefulness is multiplied many times over.
    Just so you know.

    So long for now.


  6. richardanthonymeza

    I like it too. More sophisticated than anyone can imagine.


  7. Pentti Harinen


    Very good video. I like this.


  8. mztanya10

    How can I retrieve deleted drafts?


    • Ryan Markel

      Drafts that have been deleted will go into the Trash, where you can then restore them. If they have expired out of the Trash or you have permanently deleted them by emptying them out of the Trash, they can’t be recovered.


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January 1, 2009

A short trailer for the (now live) new look WordPress.com dashboard

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