Changing your reading settings

15 responses on “Changing your reading settings

  1. The Gaffer

    Thanks, very helpful!


  2. buli3go

    good tip



    I don’t have a front page display option. im not able to activate the static settings…. please help


  4. Johnny Moad

    for some reason my most recent post is not displayed at the top of my page. does anyone know how to fix that?


  5. lorlie6

    WordPress, you never fail me and I appreciate that.
    My current problem, though, is this: I feel that I in my ignorance regarding blogs have made it difficult to navigate my writings.
    You see, I use my Word Press blogs for all of my writing tasks, and find them quite well received. However I want to make them as accessible as possible.
    Any tips?
    Thank you,
    Laurel Rogers


  6. railandreason

    We want to change our settings so that only an short summary of each post is displayed on the Front Page. I changed the Reading setting to “Summary” but it didn’t change anything on the page when I refreshed. Does this not happen automatically? Any help would be much appreciated!


  7. icetreat

    I don’t have a front page display option. im not able to activate the static settings…. please help


  8. crosswordsolving

    Help! How do I make a certain post the first one to always appear — instead of the newest one?


  9. creoentuweb

    Please Help! I’m sign up an english blog account on and I’d would like if I can change the language because I’m spanish and all my friends are spanish too. I don’t know enough english to understand all things.


  10. creoentuweb

    I’m ok. I have changed language and that’s fine. Now my blog is in spanish.
    I’m pleased with wordpress’settings. Thanks.


  11. justbakeit

    I don’t seem to be able to find the “reading” setting in my How do i retrieve that to allow followers that are not WordPress users?

    Sorry had to repost with some amendment to question.

    Liked by 1 person

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January 5, 2009

Reading settings let you customize how your readers will experience your blog – whether from the web or their feed reader. This brief tutorial walks you through the options

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