Creating your profile

9 responses on “Creating your profile

  1. Ciwan

    This Video was awesome, specially for me, I’m a total n00b to WordPress.

    I have a problem though > my Avatar doesn’t display !!! What do I do ?

    Thanks šŸ™‚


  2. 9 to 5 Mac

    The avatar option isn’t showing up in the control panel under user… any suggestions


  3. petercksmith

    REALLY clear, concise, useful and empowering to a newbie!

    Thanks Very Much!


  4. tokyofoodlife

    Yes, that’s all clear… mant thanks.


  5. lheahtahn

    This tutorial takes so long before it plays continuously. Loading is very slow every time I open it up. Any suggestions?


    • Ryan Markel

      Are you trying to view the standard version or the HD version? The HD version will take longer to load properly. Keep in mind that other network activity on your Internet connection can interfere with the download of VideoPress videos.


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January 5, 2009

Your profile lets the world know a little bit about you, and also gives you a chance to upload a Gravatar. In this video, we quickly show you the process of getting your profile set up

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