Customizing your writing settings

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  1. Mystery Dollar

    What if I copy some text to my new post and the font of the copied text and text that I typed in is different. I have a problem with this.


  2. Footy Matters

    Hi! Newbie here! How do i format my posts so the writing style is consistant and easy to edit. Currently once i press publish, the formatting is distorted.

    Silly question perhaps but any pointers will be welcomed!


    • Hanni

      Welcome! I sounds like you might be using Microsoft Word or a similar program to create your posts. The best advice I can give you is to type your posts straight into the post editor; If you’re using a program like Word and then pasting your entries into the editor you can encounter some formatting problems.


  3. julian gomez

    Copy it as “Plain Text” or copy the text in Wordpad first.


  4. thrivelocity

    How do I get line breaks?
    No matter how many times I hit return, WP, allows only a small space between items.


  5. serendipity37

    At one time there was a place when writing a new post I could change font, colors, etc. That is gone and in its place are strange things i do not understand. How can I get the original back. i am new at all of this.


    • Michael Pick

      Sounds like you might be using the HTML view rather than the Visual editor – you can switch with the tabs top right of tool bar. In Visual mode, you can also open up extra options by clicking the icon on the far right – this gives you an extra line of features


  6. sapmm


    i want to post from scribefire with images.
    iamages will be uploaded into

    scribefire needsthe ftp settings.

    can you please tell me what should be FTP settings so that i can post in wordrpess with images.



    • Michael Pick

      FTP settings are for self-hosted WordPress blogs only, I’m afraid (you need a server to have FTP access to it)


  7. sapmm

    Subject: FTP Settings for Flickr (posting will be from Scribefire)

    I need to upload images to Flickr. Text to WordPress.

    For this Scribefire has some FTP Settings.

    Does anybody know hot to fill in those informations.


  8. limelighthdtv

    How do I use my Windows fonts in WordPress?


    • Michael Pick

      The problem with using non-standard fonts (i.e. those that might not be installed on every computer) is that what you see on your screen might not be seen on other peoples’, as fonts take effect computer-side. The upshot is, if you really want to use particular fonts you should capture them as an image and insert the image (not advised or common practice), or else, for the more technically biased, make use of a service like TypeKit designed to make great typography work on the web ( supports Typekit, but at the time of writing it requires some knowledge of CSS and other technicalities to pull off. Our forums are the best place to learn more:


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January 5, 2009

If you’d like to customize your settings for writing with WordPress, this one minute tutorial will walk you through adjusting your blog’s writing settings

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