Displaying a list of links in your sidebar

5 responses on “Displaying a list of links in your sidebar

  1. getmotivatedwithgwin

    Great info! Thanks


  2. undutchablegirl

    I don’t know what I have done but all the links I had on my sidebar is now at the end of the page, can someone please help me? Thanks so much!


  3. abuelo

    como puedo eleminar sitios agregados a mi blogroll?


  4. Kos

    It seems that some formats only allow 1-2 widgets. Is there a default list somewhere so I can see which ones allow the MOST widgets without going through every single one on your site?

    FWIW it seems a little outdated NOT to have links enabled on each format. I went through setting up my entire blog b4 discovering that links are not an option. Now I have to go through all the formats to find one that fits my needs. Hope you can help



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January 5, 2009

If you’re list of links isn’t showing in the sidebar of your blog, this video will show you to make sure it does

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