Scobleizer TV: Matt Mullenweg reveals future of WordPress (Part 1)

4 responses on “Scobleizer TV: Matt Mullenweg reveals future of WordPress (Part 1)

  1. Chris Bigelow

    Matt is the man. WordPress 2.7 is an amazing blogging tool and a CMS if you need it. The export function allows easy backups and site relocations. Great video!


    • jam

      Thanks for WordPress CMS! I think in the future WordPress will be the most useful CMS in the world! I am working in design company and with WordPress I can do everything from E-commerce website to news website! Thanks, WordPress!


  2. Paul Hannay

    Nice guy.


  3. Bob

    “The easier you make it for people to leave, the more they want to stay.” Brilliant… and true. This is the lesson Apple needs to take to heart. They’re transforming into sort of a fascistic entity. They’ve always been a bit funny about sharing and such, but somehow in the last few years they’ve lost their roots… now always pushing their premium services and not allowing content to flow freely on & off their devices and restricting their phone connectivity. It’s silly and putting me off them because I feel they are always lurking around the corner waiting with a pair of handcuffs to try to tie me to something. It’s just offputting. But I love WordPress – open – easy – affordable – good stuff. Thank God for bright 24 year olds. Go get’em man.


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January 8, 2009

Part one of Robert Scoble‘s interview with Matt Mullenweg, in which they discuss the past, present and future of WordPress, alongside the wider social media landscape

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