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  1. citratunggal

    yes….i will


  2. upinvermont

    I tried all this but nothing seems to work. I invited a friend who didn’t have a WordPress account. He tells me he registered with his E-Mail address but I’ve searched for his E-Mail address and WordPress claims that no user exists with the same.

    Either we’re doing something wrong, or WordPress is doing something wrong. I don’t get it.

    Does he need to come onto my blog and register *at* my blog somehow?


    • Michael Pick

      Hi upinvermont – have you tried running a search on the username your friend used (rather than their email)? If you continue to have problems with this it might be best to contact the support team, and letting them know about the problems you’re having by clicking here. They’ll try to help you to resolve the issue.


  3. bejo256

    yes i will


  4. annb106

    how can you invite your twitter followers?


  5. nesaadmin

    Hi, I need to invite over one hundred (100) contributors to be authors.
    Is it possible to do this in one go (I tried putting commas between email addresses on the form and it did not work) or will I have to enter each individual invite seperately?


    • Michael Pick

      There’s currently no way to bulk add that I’m aware of. It’s certainly something you might want to consider leaving as request/feedback on the forums.


  6. Steven Hurdle

    I’m using Feedburner, but interested in switching away from it. Our email subscription contains a link to the Feedburner sign-up page. Is it possible to embed a link so that people can join our blog from that email signature? I’ve read several help files and not found a way to do that. Thanks so much for all responses. 🙂


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January 13, 2009

If you think that someone you know might like to start their own blog, browse through the .com community, or become a contributor to your blog, you can send out an invite from WordPress. Here’s how.

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