Creating a post excerpt & using the “more” tag

21 responses on “Creating a post excerpt & using the “more” tag

  1. Matt Agra

    I never knew about this before. This video definitely helped.


  2. Tracy Rosen

    Can’t view the video. There is just a white dot flickering around on a black screen. Is there a text version of these instructions somewhere?


  3. miamicomplaints

    I have watched this video and it does not work the way the video shows. When I copy the excerpt in the Excerpt section nothing happens and when I try the more a box comes up and the curser turn into the four arrows and cannot do anything with it. How can I fix this?


    • Michael Pick

      miamicomplaints – not all themes support excerpts, but the more tag is universal. The box *sounds* like what it should be doing – creating a separator, but if you have any more problems I’d check out support – they’ll be able to iron out the problem for you (assuming you’re bloggng with .com)


  4. jcavandy

    Hi! I’m having the same trouble that miamicomplaints is having. I can’t cut the links where I want to with the more button like the video showed. When I put in the insert more tag, it just doesn’t do anything to the blog I posted. It doesn’t cut the part separated.


  5. Jim Mr Idea Green

    An idea I definitely am going to pursue.


  6. avi613

    Great feature! I think it would be even greater if you could make the More tag work like the Excerpt feature; in other words, when you click More, only the part of the post following the tag appears. Is this possible?


  7. Porco Kang

    I don’t know exactly what I have to do after click the “Insert More Tag” button.


  8. Miguel

    sweeeeeet…I will implement this new feature on my site ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Kim Kouski

    Is there any way I can use the exerpt on OTHER pages that I insert or is this just for the Home/front page? Is there anyway I can use the exerpt on other pages?


  10. bakari

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I searched around for about an hour before I found this simple solution to the problem. All other posts and books! simply said the โ€œmoreโ€ feature existed without really explaining where in the hell it was located. Godddd, I canโ€™t believe this is not more obvious in WP or WP books.


  11. Guppie

    Thanks~ It helped me a lot! (I’ve been trying to get the “more” last few months w/o looking at the help page and this video. XD) Whee!! thanks a lot!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  12. graymee

    I’m thinking of putting a front page onto my blog. If I do this, how do I put the excerpts from recent posts onto it? I’m currently using the Digg3 template on


    • Ryan Markel

      Pages aren’t really designed to hold posts or excerpts from posts – they are designed to hold content all on their own that should be “evergreen”โ€”it won’t change very often.


  13. Public Speaking

    This video is helpful. I think I will be able to fix my blog now.


  14. Let's CUT the Crap!

    This is great information. I’ve been wondering how it’s done. Thanks. Fabulous support, WordPress!


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January 14, 2009

If you’d like to create a summary of your post, or entice your readers to go beyond the first paragraph and click through to a post entry the excerpt and “more tag” features are your friends. This video shows you how to use them.

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