Publishing your post at a later date

22 responses on “Publishing your post at a later date

  1. Ronald

    Posting at a later date in nice. But how about unpublish at a later date.
    Need this!


  2. Robert MacEwan

    I use this feature on .tv sites to ease the pain of publishing through the week. With those sites I use the onDemand theme so prepping the featuredimage and thumbnail for each post can be done all at one time.


  3. Mike

    Great video! and just that kind of info I needed right now…
    Agree with Ronald would be a nice feature to unpublish at a later date
    as well.


  4. Margaret Week

    This is such a great feature! WordPress makes it possible to arrange a writer’s work times with those of his/her readers. Thanks to WordPress!


  5. David Bent

    This is a great feature I was not aware of. I will take advantage of this tool in my future posts.


  6. Evadne

    Oops, you said “publish” rathar than “schedule”. Anyway, good video :).


  7. antneecb



  8. Eunus Hosen

    Its a great feature. Thank you very much.


  9. thinkactlive

    I love these videos and this feature is really cool but I have a question. Saturday I wrote something and set it up to be published on Monday afternoon. Sunday morning I woke up and wanted to make a couple small changes before it publishes. I can’t find it. Where did it go? It’s not in drafts or anywhere else I looked. Thanks!


  10. Belsky

    Amazing post, keep it up….


  11. jason shadlock

    hi there

    we have previously used another system and want to bring into our new wordpress blog, previously published items. Can you use this facility to back date? ie An article published last year, imported into wordpress and published/timestamped in a date that has passed




  12. Craig Tommola

    You should have a link to them on YouTube or perhaps a video podcast channel on iTunes. Something for the iPhone user.


  13. Cathy Miller

    Two questions: if I set the time at 6:00, does it post AM or PM? 2nd question-I had one scheduled for a few days later. I decided I wanted to publish it immediately but could find no way to make that change.


    • Ryan Markel

      The time in the publish box is in 24-hour notation, so your example would be 6 a.m. – 18:00 would be 6 p.m.

      Once you’ve scheduled a post, you have to set the time back to something a little before the current time or a touch after for it to be published “immediately.”


  14. frizztext

    great! thanks for the video too …


  15. parvez

    like the feature….thanks for sharing.


  16. Veronica S.

    This scheduler hasn’t been working for me. Each time I schedule a post, it gives me a “missed schedule” status and does not post. Can anyone help with this?


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January 14, 2009

If you’d like to set a post to publish at a future date, WordPress makes it easy. Here’s how to do it.

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