CSS-Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part One of Three

39 responses on “CSS-Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part One of Three

  1. Christian

    Very cool!


  2. flowergardengirl

    Ok, I will come back when my brain isn’t fatigued. Your voice is perfect. I like the screen view as you progress through the steps. I want to learn CSS but I can see that I need to install a few programs to follow along such as…where you stored the code when you downloaded the info in the first step. I’ll be back.


  3. Edmund Dante Hamilton

    I downloaded all the high-res movies of this series (pts 1-3). Haven’t looked at them yet. But I am curious to know if any of these deal specifically with creating a WordPress theme from scratch or do they just take apart an existing WP theme and then teach you how to reconstruct it with your own header images, text stylings, etc?


    • Graham

      That’s the purpose of taking apart the Starker’s theme, Edmund. Yes, Starker’s is a theme, and yes we are going to dissect it and add our own styling to it, but if you load and apply the Starker’s theme, you will see that it REALLY does NOT get much more basic than that! It’s virtually formatting, styling and CSS free, but the files are there standing by for you to add/edit and customize to your heart’s content.


  4. Shane Arthur

    Even though you say your site didn’t get much traffic, It took guts for you to zap your entire directory live for the sake of your students. I respect that. Nice work indeed.

    Shane Arthur
    twitter: shanearthur


  5. Td

    Why is is that your main Dashboard looks a lot different than mine? Mine doesn’t have big buttons that say Create New Page and Write a New Post.


  6. Dr Deb ND

    Actually, no offense this confused me more. I wasn’t interested in creating my own from scratch. What I need may not be available. I am looking to work with in the word press templates provided.

    Your info was great tho!



  7. Brandon

    classic video


  8. Tommy

    Very good! I’m Thank you.


  9. creativeworks

    Chris, this is really helpful. I’m actually going through your stuff. I love the open, free way you’re doing the training. I’m working a lot with charities and helping them get their voices out there on the web so you can bet I’ll be sending people your way!


  10. creativeworks

    PS. Are you born and raised in Portland? I can hear a hint of Cananda there somewhere. (My wife swears you must be from Saskatchewan…)


  11. Troy

    I installed the blank theme file and uploaded the file and see it in my directory but I go to my wp-admin website and I do not see the theme showing up as the video stated. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  12. Ivana Setiawan

    Thanks a lot for this!!
    I’ve been searching like CRAZZYYY!!!
    I ❤ you!!


  13. Jeffrey New

    Is there a print out I can down load? I need step by step instructions.I can’t follow you as you speek.Also you are out of focus,I can’t see what you are doing.


    • Michael Pick

      Jeffrey – I’d recommend checking out the original, higher resolution version of Chris’s video at CSS-Tricks. There’s a link up there in the sidebar.


  14. Laura Hedgecock

    I’m not clear on how this relates to those of us building from scratch. When I started my blog through wordpress, I didn’t have to download their software. Forums say that other themes, i.e. Starker’s, can’t be imported. Does this advise only apply if I am hosted elsewhere?


  15. Alvin

    Hi…this is great. Exactly what I’m looking for! I’m curious to find out what kind of screen casting software you used to make the videos…



  16. Mark

    Great tutorial, nice and clear..
    ..on to the second video..


  17. Zaidimai forumas

    wow, great jop people
    i loved these videos
    thanks a lot, keep going


  18. MCUSA

    Good video. New to wordpress. Thanks for answering some of the questions on install. Please keep them coming.


  19. circlesonly

    Very nicely done and very helpful.


  20. peter

    clearly, easy to understand,thank you for video


  21. DSCohen

    Okay, would be nice, but I see no where on WordPress where I can download. It all seems to be in-broweser.

    Is there any videos for a newbie?


  22. karen

    This is great. exactly what I’m looking for. It seems a bit like using the Zen theme in Drupal. High hopes for the rest of your series! One question: what is the “global reset” you pointed out in the code?
    Thanks so much!


  23. Anthony Calzadilla

    Great vid. Chris always creates great, informative screencasts with an easy-going feel.


  24. Brent Alexander

    Thank Chris, good tutorial. I don’t have much CSS experience so I’m looking forward to seeing the next few videos. So far so good, I have a blank WordPress theme uploaded.


  25. WPbud

    Great job.
    Excellent videos.


  26. john

    great video. thanks, John


  27. almightypen

    I’ve designed websites for a living (using FrontPage software and I alter HTML and CSS manually). All the same, I find this video very difficult to follow. I downloaded the wordpress folder (as directed) but then the instructions totally lost me with the upload via some program on Mac (when I have a PC).

    Very frustrating as I would JUST LIKE TO BE ABLE TO MANUALLY CHANGE THE EXISTING CODE ON MY CURRENT BLOG. Who needs all this crazy around the bend and down the way instruction that makes no sense (I don’t care how many times I replay this video … there are simply too many steps missing)!


  28. vara

    Nice Video. Thanks.


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January 23, 2009

In this first of a three part series on designing for WordPress, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks.com walks you through downloading and installing WordPress, and laying the foundations for creating a theme.

For links to downloadable files and video, visit the original CSS-Tricks post

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