‘Design’ Videos

  • Designing for accessibility

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Sara Cannon

    December 20, 2022 — Learn more about designing for accessibility. Find out how designers can work to WCAG standards and create a beautiful inclusive web.

    This talk is best suited for designers working in a layout tool such as Figma, but it can also be useful for individuals auditing sites for design and accessibility.

  • Best design practices to create engagement

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Lee Levy

    November 25, 2022 — Learn how to make simple website improvements to get clients to stay and interact.

    Topics include keyword/image ratios, navigation, WordPress plugins, website performance, keeping content interesting, the value of simplicity, use of color, and call-to-action.

  • The future of themes: designing for the block editor and beyond

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Michelle Schulp

    October 28, 2022 — As content and functionality becomes more modular thanks to advances like the block editor, theme designers will have to accommodate even more flexible ways of visualizing and presenting the information. How do we anticipate and accommodate the needs of a constantly evolving website while providing visual solutions that are clean, thoughtful, and consistent?

    This talk works through the entire thinking process as it relates to theme design. It offers a thorough checklist of steps and tools for designing themes that support WordPress core functionality, custom templates and content, common plugins, and an array of standard and custom Gutenberg blocks.

  • Vertical rhythm: efficiency in WordPress theme layout

    WordCamp Kathmandu (काठमाडौँ) 2022Speaker: Ashish Rai

    October 1, 2022 — Learn about the design concept of vertical rhythm. This approach seeks to create asymmetrical balance between the vertical lines in design typography.

    Gain insight for choosing a proper font size, line-height, and margin/padding to balance layouts. Find out how a simple trick and a tiny bit of math has a significant impact on design aesthetics.

  • Human-Computer Interaction 101

    WordCamp Kochi (കൊച്ചി) 2019Speaker: Md Saif Hassan

    September 29, 2022 — Learn more about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and its connection to modern design. HCI is the study of the interaction between people and computer-based systems which takes into consideration the physical, psychological and theoretical aspects of this process.

  • Damon Cook: Block Theme Builders – Design with Figma

    Speakers: Sarah Snow, Damon Cook

    August 10, 2022 — Are you a theme builder looking to transition to the new era of block themes? Or maybe you’re new to Figma and curious about how you might go from zero to hero with your block theme design? Join us!

    Some areas we’ll explore:

    A brief overview of Figma and why you might use it.
    Use the WordPress.org Figma community’s Theme Template file to kickstart your block theme design.
    Discuss considerations for block theme designs and best practices.
    In this workshop, we will work exclusively in Figma. However, there will likely be a follow-up workshop where we convert our Figma Block Theme prototype into the workings of a Block Theme. Stay tuned.

    We’ll leave ample time for questions and discussions. I hope to see your smiling faces!

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  • Growing the WordPress design system

    WordCamp Europe 2022Speaker: Tammie Lister

    July 21, 2022 — There is a design system in WordPress, and it starts with the block. How do we grow it, nurture it and build on those foundations?

    In this talk, I’ll show why we need the system and how important it is for the project, why if we don’t build on those foundations, we make an unstable base. I’ll dream beyond today at what could be, where could we go, and what can we learn from the existing design systems? We will cover processes and tools to look at possible solutions to our problems today.

    Let’s explore how to grow the WordPress design system because it’s essential to the future of WordPress and the products created with it.

  • What is the next thing about colour contrast?

    WordCamp Europe 2022Speaker: Vicent Sanchis

    June 22, 2022 — Learn more about colour contrast and how to adapt your WordPress site to colour contrast standards.

  • Eileen Violini: More than pretty — Using page flows to influence the development process

    WordCamp Lancaster 2018Speaker: Eileen Violini

    April 21, 2021 — In this talk, we cover the difference between site flows, user flows, task flows and user journeys, and when to use each.

  • Cómo aplicar el branding de tu cliente a su WooCommerce

    WordCamp Mexico 2020Speaker: Ana Cirujano

    December 30, 2020 — ¿Es suficiente con colocar el logotipo de la empresa en la esquina superior izquierda? ¿Un logotipo es capaz de transmitir los valores, los objetivos, la identidad de la marca? Como implementadores/as de tiendas online, ¿qué podemos hacer para que una tienda se identifique claramente y se distinga de las demás? Veremos paso a paso, con ejemplos visuales, qué cosas podemos tener en cuenta para otorgar una personalidad única a una tienda online, sin distraer a los compradores de finalizar la compra: colores, tipografía, tono de comunicación, animaciones, arquitectura de contenidos… para conseguir que la tienda de nuestro cliente sea única y, en definitiva, para que venda más que su competencia.

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