Using the Video Player – A DemoGirl Tour

29 responses on “Using the Video Player – A DemoGirl Tour

  1. Emre

    Hi ,

    I have updated ny wp to 2.7. However I cannot embded the video as you described ib this presentation. Do you have an idea?




    • Michael Pick

      Hi Emre -this is a feature only available to users with the Space ugprade, as demogirl mentions in the tutorial. However, you can set up your videos in an empty, dummy .com account and embed into your self-install (I do).


  2. xbiboy

    do you know a plugin were i can embed video on my wordpress self hosted site like this one on


  3. Stephen T. Blevins

    How To Build Successful One Way Backlinks.


  4. Helen

    what is Space upgrade please. Can someone elaborate on this for us. I have my blog on my own server (godaddy)

    Thank you foe these grest videos


    • Michael Pick

      Hi Helen. A Space upgrade is a feature of whereby you can purchase (from $20/year) additional storage space and gain access to our media player. You can set up a “dummy” blog with .com to use the feature and still embed in your self-hosted blog (this is what I do). More on the Space Upgrade at support.Alternatively, there are video players you can use as plugins for your self-hosted blog. You’ll find some in the plugin directory


  5. nahnah

    hi, is this a plugin that will allow me to set up a website similiar to, where i can compile all of my videos as a video gallery? I don’t just want to embed the videos. I need a full blown website – basically a basic version of youtube, with features such as ‘related’ just as this site has. do you guys offer all these features, or just a video player?


    • Michael Pick

      We’ll hopefully have some video-centric themes on before too long. In the meantime, your best bet is still running a self-installed version of WordPress (from and making use of a third party theme. There are some some good free themes out there for video-focused blogs, and sites such as Press75 have a good range of GNU-licensed video themes that cost a bit to purchase


  6. John

    let me jsut throw my 2 cents in, I think the video player found on really needs to be included with the stand-alone installs, it seems to have some many great features and looks nice, that 3rd party video plugins just don’t have.


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks for the feedback, John, and glad you like the player. I’ve thought about this, too, but the results wouldn’t really be the same IMHO as you’d need the transcoding technology, and for higher traffic content, also the might of the grid servers to serve your videos efficiently (especially on the bandwidth heavy HD content). Unless you’re just referring to the aesthetics of the player. I’m sure it could be scaled to some extent, and if you have ideas on this front I’d encourage you to share them in the feature requests forums at

      With that said, for the technically inclined we have open-sourced the technology we use here.


  7. Gordon

    I have discovered that importing video into WordPress to be the most confusing thing I have tried to do with WordPress to date. I don’t want to embed video links. I have a self hosted WordPress blog. The embed video plugins don’t seem to be able to do this. I want to upload my video source, and then embed the video and video player into my post. WP please simplify this process!


  8. Armando Antunes

    I have insert my new foto, and nothing change.
    I insert a new video from Youtube, and nothing appear.
    I saw your video presentation of how to add new items, video and pictures
    and as nothing said happened, why?
    I thank at once any for indication.
    Armando Antunes


  9. corey

    perhaps you can answer a question no one else can for me. I have a wordpress site and have uploaded video onto my host server (bluehost) but every time I try an embed a video into a post on my site I just get a black image with the html code playing along the top.
    please help!



    • Michael Pick

      Corey, these things tend to be case-by-case – it would depend on a few factor, including the type of video you’re embedding, how you’re embedding, and where (i.e. in the HTML vs. Visual editor). Far and the way the best solution for video in a self-hosted blog is to install one or more of the many video plugins available – these will extend the functionality a great deal. Run a check for “video” or “video” player in your Plugins> Add New menu and you’ll see a host of options


  10. urbanmixtapes


    I have a profile and site and I recently bought a space upgrade through that account thinkin that I could upload audio to my site… However I now realise that the best way is to buy a space upgrade for a dummy site and then embed the code in the .org site…

    I have now set up a dummy profile however I am not able to send my credits (which I have been charged for) on my account to the account…

    PLEASE can someone help It would be very much appreciated…


  11. john locke

    What is the best media player?


  12. yash patel

    sorry but i really like the player and would like to add to my site
    when i put t a video file its a link that opens to windows media player


  13. yash patel

    how can i use only the player
    i dont want the video server
    is it possible to only install the video on my site

    *its not MU


  14. JW

    @Michael Pick
    Since you mention the dummy .com work around a few times, might you have any tutorial suggestions for this? Sounds like a job for demo-girl? 🙂


    • Michael Pick

      Indeed – we have .org and .com tutorials for getting the most out of VideoPress in line for production this week. Thanks for asking!


  15. Florida video production

    Thanks for this tutorial, I had no idea that WP has video player option.



  16. Christene Bale

    I like this video production. What camera did you use?


  17. Video Production

    Nice, love it!


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January 23, 2009

The awesome DemoGirl (AKA Molly McDonald) takes us on a tour of the video player, available for users via the optional Space upgrade.

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