Introducing BuddyPress

23 responses on “Introducing BuddyPress

  1. Jessahy

    Very cool!!! I can think of a lot of different business / clubs that would really benefit form buddyPress


  2. felipebastos

    I don’t know. Very cool!!!
    Why not speak more about it ?? It is a very good tool.


  3. CJ

    Very nice. I need it, wonder when it’s going to be released.


  4. Sam

    I’ve been intrigued by BuddyPress for a while now. You guys seemed to have done a great job with it, I have to find a purpose to use it now 🙂

    Nice job!


  5. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    dang! after watching this i am going right to downloadin’ it! w00t!


  6. penmanshipstudio

    This is going to be the perfect weapon;)!
    Anyone who is using it?can I have a link?



  7. Doug Oates

    Probably a dumb question, but is there a pros and cons versus Facebook? Looks like a “facebook” you can control via one’s own BuddyPress. Perhaps a “facebook” of bloggers? Any websites to visit to explain further? Thanks very much!


    • Michael Pick

      Hi Doug – you can find out more at One of the biggest differences between BuddyPress and Facebook is that the former is a set of tools to make and run your own social network, while the latter is a social network you and your friends can join.


  8. Dustin Boling

    I must say that this project is very exciting! I am downloading asap! Thank you for the dedicated work, and very nice video by the way.


  9. blogcu

    thanks super buddypress.


  10. Aisha LaDon

    I love the idea of it, if only I could get everything working properly.
    Im changing hosting companies and I think this may be the issue.

    I have buddypress working on one site, but with issues creating new blog sites.
    I think its a wildcard domain issue.

    But on a subdomain of the same site, wordpressmu is installed, trouble with creating new blogs, but the buddypress member theme is not working.
    Its as if the member section is gone. Nothing.

    Will try again once I change hosting companies, any suggestions?
    Being a visual person, i love the visual support of



  11. Ivan | SEO

    When finished this could really change the way we build sites…


  12. talent326

    awesome! we may be able to finally escape from Ning!


  13. marketingMartin

    BP works great! I’ll soon release a big fashion project built with BP. BP will really change the future of the web! Thank you!! 🙂


  14. Jermaine Young

    I think for the savvy and forward thinking web developers out there this will all but put an end to ning ( I love the idea of being able to create and control my very own social network without all the fluff of the big boys. Will there be a cost or is this wonderful gem a free tool?


  15. Will

    This appears to work for regular wordpress not just MU. But I don’t see activities in the widget section.


  16. Michael Collins

    I too am looking to create my own social network and have been looking at ning. This looks like a much more elegant method.


  17. Azaz

    Most webmasters don’t know this, but there is a functionality in Buddypress plugin that allows you to enable desktop notifications for your Buddypress website. Here are detailed instructions for doing so.


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February 6, 2009

BuddyPress is a suite of 8 plugins, currently in beta, that will transform any installation of WordPress MU into a social network platform. In this <4 minute intro we take a look at the key components.

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