1-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Media Temple

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  1. Carvel Francis

    I have an area called video title on my wordpress page. How do I put video in that section of the website and how does that work?

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    • Michael Pick

      We have a video on adding video to your post, but I’m not sure if it’s what you’re asking for.

      For more info on adding a video to your WordPress.com blog, there’s a support entry all about here. If you have a self-hosted blog it’s a little more complicated and case-by-case, depending on your plugins, version etc., check out the WordPress.org support forums and if you can’t find an answer there, you’ll soon get a response to your problem if you can provide a detailed description of what you want to learn. I can’t be sure, but it sounds like you might be using a custom theme – if so, you’ll need to check out the support docs or forums at the place you found the theme.


  2. Mich

    I like instal in my wordpress


  3. petsarefun

    Very helpful



    What is Media Temple?

    I could not see the video..


    • Michael Pick

      Media Temple is a hosting service. It’s one of the hosts we recommend for people that want to install their own WordPress blog rather than using WordPress.com. If you can’t see the video, you might need to check your Flash settings or upgrade to a recent version of Flash.


  5. salvame

    What can be done if you already have a wordpress account and a blog. Can i create a new blog of mediatemple with my already made account?


    • Michael Pick

      You can’t transfer your account across directly, as one is one our servers, the other yours – but as good as: if you head to Tools > Export, you can export your posts from WordPress.com. In your new installation, go to Tools> Import, and you’ll be able to bring all of your content in.


  6. squeezebox

    This video is great except for one tiny problem for me. When It comes to the Directory Error, I don’t have the “Install anyway” button. I’m not sure if this is something that Media Temple has recently changed or something different with my account. But if it’s a new thing for Media Temple, it might be helpful to update video to reflect that. I’m told that I must “rename or delete the already existing directory” before I can install and frankly I have no idea how to do that. So, I’m dead in the water at the moment. Does anyone know how to deal with this issue?



  7. benjamingadbaw

    I am having the same problem as @squeezebox (no “install anyway” button when the Directory Error appears). Is there a more detailed solution for this than the ones provided so far?


  8. Colin Dean

    This is only available for grid server not for shared servers–is that correct?



  9. Ronnie

    I had the same “directory error” when one-click installing WordPress. There was no “install anyway” choice. So I did the following using the advice provided by IncomeHunter on this thread on 28 Jul 09.

    Solution to

    1. Using a FTP program, such as the free FileZilla, connect to your account using the FTP login info provided by MT in the welcome email.

    My example>

    Host : http://ftp.sXXXXX.gridserver.com
    UserName: (My Domain name without the leading www – example: bluesky.com)
    Password: (The new password I reset in Account Centre)

    (For some reason the password provided to me in the welcome email was not valid but I was able to login using browser to Account Centre> Admin > Server Guide and change the password in the FTP section.)

    2. Once connected on FTP, go to /domains folder and find your domain listed there (example: bluesky.com)

    3. Right click on it and rename it to bluesky.com.old

    4. Now you should be able to one click install wordpress as normal.


  10. Zachary

    Thanks Ronnie! Thats very helpful.


  11. Brett Bumeter

    I’ve installed WordPress several hundred times and this is not as easy nor as secure out of the box as running a Fantastico install via cpanel. I dislike the default username of admin. Doesn’t give you an option to change it until after you log in to wordpress.


  12. Levi Boyd

    I have a wordpress.com blog (leviboyd.com) and wanted to move to wordpress.org. I added my domain to mediatemple and tried to download wordpress but I cannot finish the installation because it just brings me to my blog. How do I finish the install so I can use wordpress?


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February 9, 2009

Media Temple are one of our recommended hosting providers. In this short video we walk you through adding a self-hosted WordPress installation to your Media Temple account.

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