One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Blue Host

5 responses on “One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Blue Host

  1. sacha

    great video. simple


  2. David M. Brown, MD

    This is a great first video for installing a WordPress blog on BlueHost or probably any host using CPanel & using the “Simple Scripts” software that comes with Blue Host, rather than “Fantastico”. Excellent 3-minute video. Thank you.


  3. Simeon ITOHAN

    This will be good if I can install and preview live shows.


  4. Chris Mather

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of Fantastico – but this is great. Wonder if still works for WP3.2.1. We tried creating an auto installer just for WP and it’s by far the mos popular install we get requested for. NIce Vid – Thanks.


  5. Dave Palumbo - Make A Website

    This video confirms my own experience, that Bluehost is one of the better shared hosting my opinion a cut above companies like Hostgator. Fantastico and similar tools are still slightly confusing for a newbie, but SimpleScripts really makes things that much easier.


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February 9, 2009

Blue Host are one of our recommended web hosting providers. In this short video we walk you through the process of installing your own WordPress blog with Simple Scripts.

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