Adding a PayPal button to your blog

41 responses on “Adding a PayPal button to your blog

  1. soderi sodry

    Poor me. I couldn’t install your software.


  2. rampuun is the Best


  3. Bananahs


    nice feature btw


  4. cpdude442789

    It’s kinda hard to understand what it says


  5. Bill

    Where are the captions?


    • Michael Pick

      Since this launched only recently, more complex features such as closed-captioning are not yet available. We’re working on it!


  6. walnotes

    This is cool. It reminds me of shareware for a donation.

    Some people will pay for quality journalism or entertaining blogging. While others will get to enjoy free publications by those who “blog” for the love of it.


  7. alejandroperezg

    HI, Do you have some videos or information, in spanish language, because is more easier to me to apply with success?


  8. wayan

    Wow..this is nice man..I love it


  9. haifa fans

    waaaaaaaaaw nice nice
    i love it


  10. Mike

    Good video – sorry – BUT > why so blurry and fuzzy??? It’s hurting my eyes to try and see the detail which isn’t there… this would be GREAT if the video was SHARP like it should be.

    SHARPEN the videos and you’ve got a winner… oh and I do a lot of training videos myself… I know you can reduce the size and still keep the quality high.

    Just a friendly niggle :’>


    • Michael Pick

      Mike – I’d recommend pressing the HD button, that should solve the problem. By standard the videos are lower-res to cater for people with less speedy connections (and agreed, a little fuzzy – that would be FFMPEG’s work). The videos are all mastered and uploaded at 1280×720 baseline HD, and with the HD button (top right of the player) on, I can watch them full-screen on a 30″ cinema display. Let me know if that doesn’t do it for you.


  11. dialogizpodlogi

    I love it! Do you have some info, in polish language?


  12. Mike

    Thanks Michael. I had no idea thgere was an HD version. I do apprecuiate it’s there but still wonder why anyone would want to watch a fuzzy version… I think slow modem users would prefer a “smaller” version but hey – I do appreciate the hd button – it is much better!

    Hey – do you know if yuo can do a paypal payment button and have some ind of tracking variable at the end? A sub id like clickbank has??? That would help enable tracking of keywords and such.


  13. Zack Katz

    This isn’t a feature! It’s just a how-to on how to use PayPal.…Didn’t find it very helpful.

    I much would prefer a PayPal shortcode.


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that didn’t do it for you. How-Tos are what we do around these parts. I’d recommend putting in a feature request at the forums if you aren’t happy with the way things work at the moment.


  14. ix

    Paypals’ bilingual/multilingual support and configuration is non existent.
    They would make serious bank if they fixed that. They gotta catch up with the times and drop the xenophobia.


  15. felik

    nice information, thank you


  16. TripleX

    Can somenone tell which plugin use to show this videos.


  17. theirishway

    Love this – just what I need! I’d better trot off and get a merchant account now … I wonder, did the guy who complained about fuzziness actually start the vid? It only appears fuzzy before you start it because the title’s superimposed. Just a thought. Thanks for the help, it’s duly bookmarked and now I can work my way through at my leisure. Fantastic!


  18. davidjlucas

    Hey there. It allows me to access this button-making feature without a merchant account (I just have a standard account). Curious if PayPal changed its rules or if a Merchant account was never really necessary for accepting donations.

    Also, whoa. I’d been trying to insert my own buttons into my page for a couple days. Didn’t realize it was so complex.


  19. Inkwell

    This and all other advice I can find only applies to Donations. What about Buy Now buttons??? There’s no email code generated when you create a Buy Now button, only Web code so you can’t use it with WordPress.


  20. Justyna

    Wow, excellent tutorial. I haven’t done and put my PayPal button yet but plan to do it in the near future.

    I liked the various types of PayPal buttons available on the support PP WordPress website:)


  21. Paypal Bangladesh

    I want to open a paypal account in Bangladesh. But I dont know how to. Anyone help me?


  22. Seager

    Good work.The information you provided worked for me too.I wish you success.Thanx


  23. free paypal

    I have been using Paypal for years now and would be more than happy to add this to my blog! HTML format is a great way to use it since it can be added very easily. Thank you very much!


  24. kitap incelemeleri

    i really like that. thanks for sharing 🙂


  25. juliecache

    GOD BLESS YOU! I thought the age of this video may make it invalid info, but everything worked beautifully!


  26. Tisha T. Casida



  27. watersofwellness

    Very helpful and i really like the HD option to view.
    i hope people see the beauty in this simple addition to their WordPress site(s)…


  28. Fassett

    very informative thank you…


  29. Mineria

    It works only in the widget sidebar or in the body place of a post or page of wordpress?


  30. vonievega1

    Thanks Mike,you’r a great teacher


  31. Rebecca for Fashion Widget

    Awesome thank you!!!


  32. Brian

    I’ve found out one thing never to do and that is use “donate” button if you are not an “official” charity. They gave me all kinds of grief over that even though we are a church.


  33. rizazee

    Is it true that you can’t add a “Buy Now” button to your site because WP doesn’t support e-commerce? And also, as Brian says, that you can only add a “Donate” button if you are an official non-profit?

    Liked by 1 person

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February 13, 2009

If you’d like to add a PayPal donations button to your blog, this short tutorial will show you how

There’s also a different version of the video for self-hosted WordPress bloggers.

You can access the PayPal graphics mentioned in the video from this page of the support site

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