Intense Debate Plugins : Taking Your Comments Even Further

7 responses on “Intense Debate Plugins : Taking Your Comments Even Further

  1. TechBlizz

    WOW!! nice plugin..
    simply superb.. nice creation


  2. Staff

    This is amazing!


  3. Rachelle Chase

    Wow … perfect timing! My web developer is updating my site next month. I’m definitely going to add this. Awesome plug-in!


  4. Joshua Collins

    I have to follow in my fellow WPers footsteps and say, “WoW!”

    That is a great plugin, will be adding it to my blogs asap!

    I love the fact that the plugin developers are welcoming the community developers to help in the plugin development — That is what WordPress is all about!

    Thanks for sharing 😉

    P.S. Michael, you have great screencasting skills! Are you using Camtasia and Final Cut to create your screencasts?


  5. Jennie

    Is there a way to number the comments?


    • Michael Koenig

      Hi Jennie – we don’t offer a way to number comments at the moment, but it’s on our radar for future development. Where are you interested in using IntenseDebate? I’d love to learn more about your plans and explore some possible integration options. The best way to get in contact is via email at Thanks!


  6. olympien

    WoW nice plugin !!


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March 6, 2009

If you want to take your comments to the next level on your self-hosted WordPress blog, check out Intense Debate plugins from Intense Debate.

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