Introducing Post by Email for

14 responses on “Introducing Post by Email for

  1. Shawn

    Sounds great. I look forward to trying this out.

    Any word on when the self-hosted version gets this feature? WordPress 2.8?


  2. Kim

    There still isn’t enough information. Is this available for self hosted wordpress sites as well? How do you set it up? Not enough information unfortunately.


  3. Jim

    Is there a Comment by Email for or self-hosted WP?


  4. allcitystick

    This sound like a very cool thing but not enough info ? is there any cost
    where does this send info us around the word is msgs tranlated into different launges how offen is it sent out, any stats on how may are receiving info that is put out…and many other un-answered question need to posted


  5. Juan Cherry

    Sounds Cool!


  6. Carlos Taveras

    It doesn’t work. I have tried many times to set it up and troubleshoot it and it just doesn’t work.


  7. sbergonzi

    Can some one give me a suggestion in how to add the …more teaser line on the post via email publishing. I’d try html code “” but wordpress doesnt recognize it. It did work in the past, I am publishing via gmail.
    Thanks for the help


  8. Frederic Sidler

    I try to use it on WP 2.8.4. It works, but only with plain text emails. Is there anything I should change to let it work with HTML emails, images, videos, MP3.


  9. Christian Epps

    Worked for me the first time!


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May 12, 2009

Post by email makes it easy for you to add content to your blog – be it video, audio, photos or text – just by writing an email, from your desktop, the web, or even your cell phone

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