Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word: WordCamp San Francisco 2009

16 responses on “Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word: WordCamp San Francisco 2009

  1. wptavern

    Awesome video. There was a ton of information in this presentation that I don’t remember hearing about on Twitter or through other sources. I’m pretty excited about some of the things he mentioned. Hope to see them reach fruition.


  2. mike

    A nice video with tons of information. For me very important was the news that WPMU and WP will combine in one big package. Just what I maybe missed is the estimated version for the combination.

    So at the moment I started developing my own free hosting for WP based on WPMU and so it would be great to know if there will be an upgrade betwenn that versions and when it will appear. Not an exact time, just a frame, for example one year oder two month, whatever.

    Hopefully someone knows.


    • aarondcampbell

      He has talked about the estimated versions since, and the current goal is 3.0 (although it’s not set in stone).


      • mike

        Thanks for the reply. I think until version 3 there will be some time left, so I will startup with WPMU for the moment. As I know matt and his team there will also be an upgrade from WPMU to WP V3.


  3. Brian

    Nice job on the video, Dave C, Michael P and John P.
    Blackberry App coming soon! Woot!


  4. Geir Ellefsen

    Nice presentation Matt, lots of interesting information. Will there be any WordCamp’s in Norway?


  5. Adam W. Warner

    Very happy to see this online…and of course excited about the future of WordPress!


  6. John Biddle

    Thanks to everyone who made this video possible, since many of us are not able to go the wordcamps.


  7. Ed Morita

    Yikes! The tattoo part was so embarrassing. Great Speech Matt!


  8. Matt

    Woah, didn’t realise Andy was from the UK.


  9. Petit

    Enlightening and delighting!
    Thanks for a very informative and funny speech Matt!

    All the best!


  10. chakkravarthi

    I really enjoyed the video, great presentation there by Matt 😉


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June 21, 2009

Matt Mullenweg delivers his State of the Word presentation at WordCamp San Francisco 2009

Video shot & produced by Dave Curlee & John P. Post-production by Michael Pick.

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