Andy Peatling: Cooking with BuddyPress

9 responses on “Andy Peatling: Cooking with BuddyPress

  1. Ian McKendrick

    Excellent presentation.
    It’s great to hear about your journey to date, and where you’re going with this in the future. BuddyPress is an awesome product and I’m so looking forward to you simplifying integration with BBPress to a one-click solution!
    Is there anywhere wee can download the slide-deck you used?

    Brilliant, keep up the good work!
    Greatly appreciated


  2. biltong

    I agree when I first started using buddypress I found it a little hard but maybe thats my age but I kept at it and I think its a wonderfull and very powerful solution to a lot of problems that I had


  3. safety videos

    Great Explanations..
    I’m looking forward for the next step of BuddyPress.


  4. Regalos de Empresa

    Good speech and presentation. I was looking some references and information about Buddypress and I have found this link. It has solved some doubts I have


  5. Pennen bedrukken

    This video really shows the art of presentation. BuddyPress is a good product. I had some diffilculties at the start but eventually everything got easier by doing. Thanks for giving me more information so that my knowledge is getting even better. Keep it up! (and again good presentation!)


  6. Regalos

    Excellent presentation! I have necer actually tried Buddypress, but i will surely do now. Best regards.


  7. CuponDescuentos

    Now I want to learn more about Buddypress. Thanks.


  8. Biltong Buddys

    BuddyPress is a wonderful platform, It is always updated and a wonderful resource to use.


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July 11, 2009

Andy Peatling of Automattic talks about the WP social networking system BuddyPress at WordCamp Montreal and gives practical advice for people considering it as a platform.

Video production by Arthur Cormon of TV McGill.

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