Add User Ratings to Your Posts, Pages & Comments

15 responses on “Add User Ratings to Your Posts, Pages & Comments

  1. sk

    is there also a plugin to install this on self-hosted WordPress blogs?


  2. younesduret

    GD-starrating is the best one for self-hosted WordPress


  3. Neceros

    I hope so. It sounds pretty cool.


  4. publicidad en Leon Guanajuato Mexico

    Great tool, let´s wait the plug-in for self hosted WordPress blogs.


  5. Cindy

    Sounds great! Looking forward to using it soon.


  6. ahrengot

    Would be nice with more options as to where they appear and how they appear(centered, left, right etc.)

    But overall a great addition and am looking foreward to more user feedback 🙂


    • Michael Pick

      If you click on “advanced options” after activating the ratings, you’ll see some options to change alignment, color etc.


  7. james marsland

    Has anyone got this working with P2 theme?


  8. sirxanthos


    Being new to the wordpress function, I tentatively think that this is a great idea if only for the fact that ordinary folks get to voice their opinion via this voting scheme. I don’t think it gets any better in terms of a democratic voice.


  9. Craig

    I was kind of hoping that the user’s rating of a post would displayed in their comment and then show an aggregate total below the post itself.


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July 17, 2009

The recent addition of the PollDaddy Ratings widget to blogs allows you to add star and thumbs-up, thumbs-down ratings to your blog posts, pages and comments. This video walks you through the basics. For more information check out this support page. A plugin version is in the works.

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