Add Twitter Updates to Your Sidebar: Self-Hosted Edition

14 responses on “Add Twitter Updates to Your Sidebar: Self-Hosted Edition

  1. Eric Lightbody

    I also developed a similar wordpress plugin here:

    It links your hash tags (#), @replies, and is quite speedy.


  2. S.K Sharma

    Twitter updates can easily optimized on the sidebar using some other methods too like,remote twitter etc.
    This is also awesome system.


  3. bingorabbit

    Excellent, thanks a lot for the video 🙂


  4. Chris

    Really helpful – many thanks!


  5. Felfifer

    I really want to know this more..if someone will give me a simple idea how to start..

    I don’t have enough time to spare for this..thanks.

    But I have already a website to start on..


    • Ryan Markel

      As long as you already have a Twitter account established, the video gives you all the information you need to know. Go ahead and stop the video after each step, following the steps indicated one at a time. You can do it. 🙂

      I noticed that the blog linked to your username is a blog on These instructions are for self-hosted WordPress blogs. For help getting this feature working on a blog, visit the sister tutorial here. You can also find some printed instructions here.


  6. Anoop Jacob

    I was lookin for such a video tutorial..


  7. juneayasol

    Yeah, that’s good!


  8. June Yasol

    Hurray! Where’s that Twitterer download link? Can’t wait!


  9. felfifer09

    Thanks a lot, now I am having a problem with my changing of appearance of my website..I mean the website design. So, I cannot apply the Twitter sidebar yet until it is fixed.


  10. glen cumbie

    Very helpful. Video tutorials have always been easier for me to follow. I am bookmarking now! Thanks so much.


  11. John Wilson

    I was able to install on my site.

    Though, it seems to be slightly different than the video (new version, I guess.)

    The video definitely helped.


    John Wilson


  12. David

    Unfortunately i’ve got this for the last few hours. Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.

    Have even reset my twitter name, username etc. Still no luck. Any ideas?


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July 24, 2009

In this short video for self-hosted WordPress blogs, we walk you through the process of adding Twitter updates to the sidebar of your widget-enabled theme, using the Wickett Twitter plugin

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