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  1. ileaneb

    I don’t understand what it means to get spam on your blog. Sorry for being so naive. Does it show up as a comment? What is the real impact for me as a blogger?


  2. Ryan Markel

    Yes; blog spam is usually in the form of comments left on your blog. Spammers fill out comments and leave a bunch of links back to sites of their own in an attempt to either get people to click back to the sites in question or to increase their search rankings.

    Without a service like Akismet to help filter this spam, it can get very irritating and time-consuming to weed out comments for the constructive ones. It’s a pretty big concern, as if a blog is left vulnerable, spammers will target it more and more.


  3. Ravishankar Anantharamu

    I am a recent addition to I can see on my dashboard that 2 comments have been commented as spam. how can i access those 2 to see if they actually are spam?


    • Ryan Markel

      If the comments have been flatly marked as spam and are not in your spam queue (which you could click on if it was there), you won’t be able to. They’ve been marked as “without a doubt” spam.


  4. Lyn Strand

    But I caught a genuine comment (from my prof) – so can I change the settings on spam?


  5. homeschool4heart

    I am trying to upload askimet to the wp content? Where do I find this?


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August 3, 2009

The Akismet widget shows a simple counter for the amount of spam caught by the free Akismet service. Find out more on the dedicated support page.

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